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    Monday, March 31, 2008
    =D 6:20 PM

    Ah.. feeling a lil tired and felt dat its a bad day but its not really a bad one. Happy mood now =D


    I got sent to the office today! Together with Chernli both of us are the only girls... =\ scary ms goh's eyes gazing upon us...

    "No games..."


    "..for you, Alex"


    Yea haha.... Ms Teng was discussing with us about some baby who got both female and male organs. O.O scary... Love Mdm Selva, her class oways cheers me up =]


    I GOT A CAPO!!! Not just a capo, but a BLACK one! =D Look at dat!! haha.... im so very the happy now lol... gosh my broken pula english! haha... im hyper cos of it xD

    Well, with the capo i tink my acessories for guitar are kinda complete. =] i shall train and practise hard.


    Haha I cant wait for Avril's Best Damn Thing video to be out! It's going to, SOON! i noe it! xD

    Well, MICHELLE BRANCH is gona have a comeback! wahooo i freaking love her songs and her guitar skills! =] i noe, elise u like her too x]

    Remember she has this album she sang with other a band called The Wreckers, yea and remember she has this song called Lay Me Down she sang with the band. Well, guess wad? She recorded a solo version of it!! Its so addictive and nice! Guitarists, listen to the guitar strumming =]

    Lay Me Down - Michelle Branch [click to download]


    Another question i have and i just realised i couldn't answer it..

    Why do we live? Why does most of us do everything to live?

    Well, im not saying we have to die rite? I just dun get y our purpose of life is actually to LIVE


    I have some horror commercial, but they r not horrifying o.O

    Volkswagen Horror Commercial

    Nike =] Run for ur life!

    Found this Nike commercial...

    seriously u dun nid liposuction


    Thats all for now, im in a hurry lol. 30 minutes blog. Signing out now!

    Sunday, March 30, 2008
    Weird Day 8:42 PM

    This weekend was really really weirdly bad for me. I dunno, i dun fell good as usual... but still i keep myself happy =]


    Guess wad i had to wake up early for this entire week! =.=

    Lets see... Saturday i woke up early for the Honour's Day == Fyi Honour's Day was really boring.... well luckily i had jianwei, kaityng, clarence and melvin to keep me company... haha.. Congrats to Catherine the superwoman. well kerrine said that she can fly, well not just dat, she has d brains too! She got a plague for getting 7A's in PMR, Best Subject for Science AND Best Overall Student. Pretty Awesome huh? Besides dat, our former school Captain got the award for Wesleyan of the Year. Mr Peter was there! The ensemble was beautiful.

    I din stay long after the ceremony. I went back to sleep and i had my Art test at my art centre. I drew and painted a seashell. It was incredibly difficult since a seashell's shiny.

    But guess wad, my art teacher said i'll pass my test =]


    Here are some of the songs I've been listening to:

    Misses Glass - Leona Lewis
    Her new single... i still think Bleeding love is good =]

    Sk8er Boi - Cascada
    Haha found this cover of avril's famous hit song. It's so Cascada-ish with all her common beats.

    It's a soundtrack of Heroes... o.O

    My favourite American Idol so far.. recorded this song in d studio. Familar song huh? yea its the oldy where u can hear from Lite fm. It's an awesome cover. Her voice's nice and strong.

    Gavin's latest single is an awesome song i've been listening for some time =] The video was premiered lately.... i bet most of you have watched it oredi. If not, check it out now! Its such a sweet video =D
    In Love with A Girl by Gavin Degraw
    Stupid user dun let anyone embed the video... well check it out here then.


    Here are some questions, questions that u mite wanna think about...

    Have u ever wondered where does the first drop of rain fall to?

    i oways do... n also wonder, why there? Isit because that particular spot is special?

    Do you believe in fate?

    I do most of the time, not because i've watched the movie Serendipity. It's becase i've met everyone of you =]

    Every single person u meet in ur life, will give ur fate a twist.


    Since the previous post was flooded with commercial, i shall just give u guys a break... xD

    Lemme tell u about a movie i've watched. Really touching one. And its only aired on tv. check it out on Star Movies if u get the chance...

    Its called Crossroad - A Story of Forgiveness

    It's about a teenager who went illegal racing on the road and ended up killing a mother and a daughter. The victims' family are left with 3 men, a father with two sons. The teenager was about to be sentenced to jail.... but sometimes forgiveness is better than revenge.

    He's one of the sons hu became extremely emo after the deaths of his mother and sister. So emo until jamin or grace mite fall in love with him xD


    Signing out now... today's post was kinda boring, cos im bored.

    Friday, March 28, 2008
    Tired... 5:25 PM

    Wahhaa... today i'm freaking tired.... nway, it's Jocelyn's bday today and it was Sue Ann's on Wednesday! Lol Sue Ann who claims herself the Queen of Retards. Happy Birthday to the both of u!

    Image Hosted by
    i need a capo

    i want a doggy


    YELLOW shall own sports day!!! haha.... we were kinda motivated by Jeremy and Mr Ganesh's speeches. It was cool, Mr Ganesh was praising us like hell and told us we just need more effort. =] i guess everyone was very motivated and we trained so hard today. Sprints here jogs there. Wooh.. dat explain why im so tired rite now.

    well not dat yellow house....

    Moving on, we went to the Taming the Tiger thingy to hear an English Malaysia talked about how depressed and messed up his life was and now that he joins Christianity, he finally gathered himself and became a good person. I'll leave the details to other bloggers xD

    And during Club and Society, our OUTREACH CLUB was having an ice-breaking session. I duwana insult it because i noe the Board members tried hard to make it nice. But i just really hot and boring.... it's really torturing nway.


    Have u heard The Veronicas' latest single yet? It's posted on Howard's blog , go download this cool song if u havent. Here u can watch the video, premiered on Tuesday.

    The Veronicas latest single video: This Love


    Image Hosted by

    Oh wow...... Britney's the special guest for the TV show "how I met Your Mother" xD well, any britney fans here LOL because i got d link here to download this episode lol!! if u want to.... of course.

    Lastly, i wana LOLOLOLOLOL because American Idol Chikezie Eze voted out!! Ahahahaha.... and dat Amanda Overmyer hu i loathed since the day i first saw her was voted out last wednesday too =D really happy finally theres justice... xD

    Chikezie guy... wad a weird name

    And yes, this is Amanda Overmyer, i hate her hair lol.

    guess wad, she has a blog O.O with photos of her...eww


    Haha... tired and unhyper like me now? Need sumting to boost up ur day, a lil humour will do. xD i got some funny commercials here again... cant wait to see huh? xD lets start!

    Here r some by some Mortgage Company

    Don't judge too quickly!

    Here, NBC has gathered some of the funniest commercials. From Newspaper commercial to Fitness commercial and more lol!

    Gawd i laughed like hell....

    And here TBS gathered the world's funniest commercials. Check it out man, and make sure u hear wad they r saying in some of it. lol


    Lastly, r u a fan of Mcdonalds?

    ...dat badly?


    Ok! I'm signing out =]

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    Tuesday, March 25, 2008
    Torture 8:50 PM

    Today's an unusual day but i dunno why... anyway


    It's a torture.... to not be able to be there for you all the time, to touch you and really talk to youand show you how much i care You'll always be the truth in my heart =]


    AGAIN!! Today it rained during our games period =.= The sky really hates form 4!

    =\ i havent been playing basketball for ages.

    Ok, this time i wont blame the rain. It's Mr Low's fault. Bright sunny day with dried floor but no games == he's out of his mind.


    Paramore's latest video : That's What You Get

    AWESOME video =]

    I love it! She's so cute when she stuck out her tongue at the end =D

    Vanessa Carlton's latest video : Hands On Me

    =S I like her songs and her wonderful talent for lyrics and piano playing. But this video is..... erm well watch at ur own risk xD


    haha.... this time, its an IKEA commercial.... cant believe they actually used dat idea....

    lol dat baby's laughter is so innocent xD [ps: if u dun get it, it's a vibrator]


    "My palms are too white!" -Emelia

    "Why didn't she use the girlcream?" -Henry

    [ps: by girlcream he meant sunblock xD]


    Signing out =]

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    Nightime Post 2:20 PM

    Dragons! Do u believe that they did exist? Well Chia Wei asked me bout it. But i can only answer i do belive dat dinosaurs did exist. Dragons, not quite sure. But they are like one of the coolest creatures, agree?

    I found a cute dinosaur here =D
    aaawww... love it haha...


    Hah! Stupid addmaths, so easy yet so low marks. Whole paper full of careless mistakes man. tsk tsk.... and here i got a video made by Sarah Tan from form 5... [not the teacher] dedicated to all addmaths students =] lol i bet shes really bored to hell till she made tis video. Enjoy xD

    Superhero Movie [from the directors of Scary Movie and Epic Movie]

    Watch the trailer now and here. Another parody movie haha this time a Spiderman Parody. Starring Drake Bell from Drake and Josh TV Show.


    Simple plan's album was out some time ago. Releasing When I'm Gone and Your Love is A Lie... My opinion for this album is really i have to say its not bad. Not as bad as i expected it would be. Aside from Pierre's hair xD Well theses two are my favourite songs off the album. They are sweet and nice. Love the piano playing. =] I bet most of you got them already, But If u havent heard it already..... download it here.

    Save You - Simple Plan

    Holding On - Simple Plan

    Avril Lavigne at the Best Damn Tour

    Abbey Dawn's new shirt! Click d picture to enlarge. Love d shirt man!!!! The phrase "Rock On" looks like "Cock On" tho.... xD


    Bored? Want some laughter? Check out this banned commercial from Mastercard before you leave. =]

    Andreagoh's signing out!

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    Sunday, March 23, 2008
    First Post 2:52 PM

    "Nah i'm not gonna get a blog."
    "I'm a blog reader... I dont blog."
    "No way u can force me to get one!"

    Lol. Well what is this then? I'm such a hypocrite. Okay, this isn't really my first post, it's in Kerrine's blog. If you ask me what's the reason for me to have a blog. I.... dunno how to answer that.


    4 Days of Holidays.

    Thursday was a rollerblading-addmaths-physics-tiresome day for me.

    Friday we baked some crappy cookies but had fun at my house with my friends =D Thanks for coming!
    [pics will be up soon. they are with jamin.]

    Saturday i regret following my sis to Starbucks Cafe. Since coffee's not my thing, i guess i was kinda bored.... Lucky i had my sister's laptop wif me. But still, it was bored...

    My dad meeting with his fren there. And my sis meeting wif her fren there. I was lonely.

    Sunday trying to setup this blog and here i am now blogging.


    Upcoming movie called 21


    Jim Sturgess

    =] he's cute.

    The movie's based on a true story. Five students hu are freaking smart are trained to become cards experts in Las Vegas and to get riich! Gawd, u shud see the trailer, they are sooooo smart!


    Abbey Dawn =D Yeap, dats rite Avril's having her very own clothing line! And i hrd dat she's wearing the tops from Abbey Dawn for her Best Damn World Tour. And this guitar's so cool!

    Its pink! And it's Avril's

    Here's a cover song from Leona Lewis for Avril's song. Compare and see hu's better. of course is avril xD

    I Will Be - Avril Lavigne
    I Will Be - Leona Lewis


    Okay.... listen up. If u have time and If u wana have a nice laugh before u finish this post. Follow these steps:

    Step 1. Watch this :

    Watch it! I noe u'll be like "Wad? Mariah Carey?" But just Watch it and listen to the lyrics, u can even sing along to it

    Without You by Mariah Carey
    No I can't forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way The story goes You always smile but in your eyes Your sorrow shows Yes it shows

    No I can't forget tomorrow When I think of all my sorrow When I had you there But then I let you go And now it's only fair That I should let you know What you should know

    I can't live If living is without you I can't live I can't give anymore I can't live If living is without you I can't give I can't give anymore

    Well I can't forget this evening Or your face as you were leaving But I guess that's just the way The story goes You always smile but in your eyes Your sorrow shows Yes it shows

    I can't live If living is without you I can't live I can't give any more I can't live If living is without you I can't give I can't give anymore

    Step 2. Watch THIS.

    Its very addictive actually and i cant stop singing it after watching it. xD


    Well, i'm signing out!

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    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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