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    Sunday, March 29, 2009
    Lift My Feet Off the Ground 2:10 PM

    I'm jealous
    But I'm content
    I look at the people who have the chance
    To try the frightful things in life
    People who are strong enough
    To try the new n extreme stuff
    People who are fit
    To be brave whenever they want to
    I duwana complain
    Because I was rescued before
    I am still normal from the outside
    There are people far worse than me
    Therefore, I should be thankful
    I love my heart.

    So those out there
    With a healthy normal heart
    You have a chance to make your life more interesting
    Go do something!

    Tay's new video for HM movie.

    Crazier by Taylor Swift

    Nice dress she got there. pretty as always. love the song

    i was jsut talking taylor swift anyway. not any other girls in the video *aherm*

    Signing out with love.

    Friday, March 27, 2009
    It's the Future Now 9:29 PM

    "Live your now, don't live in the future!"
    "Don't dream now, start planning your future!"
    im so conflicted

    Don't Want No Paper Gangster! 5:44 PM

    This is how 5L pass time when we are forced not to play games.
    The following are a few pieces of conversation i could remember
    Though they might not be in actual words
    Only people with minds of the same frequency can understand

    Kok Jin and Calvin were asking whats the difference between the chicken and an egg.
    And the discussion ended up somwhere else....

    Kok Jin: Ok the egg hatches into a dinosaur, then the rock crashes to the earth and kills the dinosaur!
    Calvin: But where does the rock come from?
    Ms Leong: I know!!! From the mountain!!!
    (u see, the rock starred in the movie Race to the Witch Mountain)
    Calvin: Oh so the rock can come from the scorpion dungeon, the mummy's tomb, and the ring oso la?
    Kok Jin: Yes! the RING!
    Ms Leong: What ring??
    Calvin&KokJin: The wrestling ring la!
    Ms Leong: ==" U guys are so lame!!
    (She sorta started it)

    Calvin was asking what is the difference of mouse and rat.
    His theory led to many arguments and smart theories....

    Calvin: Why is mouse called "mouse" and rat called "rat"?
    Calvin: Because the mouse is in the house, and rat is outside the house.
    Calvin: U see.... the mouse in the house is called "mouse" because it rhymes with "house".
    Sek Hoong: what? then why can't the rat be "mouseside" instead of "rat"?
    (u see, "mouseside" rhymes with "outside")
    Ms Leong: MOUSESIDE??? LOL


    I nearly died on Thursday.
    Yes, i've been announcing it to the world.
    I was standing beside the high jump pole.
    Ivan Federick jumped.
    He hit the pole and the high jump stand.
    The high jump stand fell.
    Towards me so quickly and heavily.
    And i split into two and lost lots of blood.
    Thank god, my mind was fast enough
    I held out my hands and stopped the metal stand
    From falling onto me n hitting my skull.
    Damn, it was freakin' scary
    It was only few inches away from my skull.

    So what?
    My mind could take it.
    But my amphibian heart couldn't.
    My whole body except for my mind was traumatized.
    And the result, i had a sudden high fever.
    That explained why i didnt go to school today.
    U see how weak i am



    My mum turned off the internet when i was half way downloading my songs!!! And my Heroes download was ON THE ROLL with 10000kB/s! GAAAHHH!!!!
    Ok... i do not blame her because she didnt do it on purpose.
    But ARRGHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

    Chill, siau wei....


    This post has no pictures.
    I shud take a picture of myself screaming outta frustration thanx to all my broken downloads rite?

    Signing out.

    Saturday, March 21, 2009
    If No One Will Listen 10:53 AM

    Hey wadsup?
    Ahh last few days of holidays yo
    Im gonna have my chinese exam today =S
    Hoppe i'll do good.
    And yes Rihanna's "Hatin' On the Club" is freakin' stuck in my head.
    Apparently, its on Fly fm already =]
    Hows your holiday?
    Was it awesome? Was it plain? Was it painful?
    Hows mine?
    Let's see, I din get to go out with my frens at all
    I shall not complain or i'll be a spoiled girl
    I spent my holiday missing my sister too
    Aah... video called her, her room is so white and nice =D

    Hmmm what else, ahh i spent four days of my holidays
    Drilling myself with all the Form 5 Chinese syllabus
    Man, it was exhausting.
    Better be productive x]

    I love the colour of her hair!
    Random, i know.

    It's gona be April soon
    Then May then June
    It'll be half a year so soon
    And i thought i just started my form 5 year.
    Oh quit thinking bout those stuff, siau wei!
    Live your life!
    Ok.... i just ended up talking to myself on my blog.
    You innocent readers have to read my rambles
    I still have tons and tons of work to do!
    And i know, so do you!
    So let's put a smile on our face
    And beat them all once and for all!
    Ok... abit too happy
    Let's just squash our homework into pieces
    And tell the teachers that the paper shredder went crazy
    Ok, I am crazy


    I just feel like saying


    Most people said that this picture of the girl is pretty
    But do you know hu's dat
    Ta-da is Taylor Swift!
    Yes, with a different and hotter hairstyle.
    I think she just finished recording her new album
    Damn, dat was fast but i dun tink its gonna be out this year
    She's gonna be busy with her Fearless tour
    So i'll be waiting for Avril's album first =D


    I think...

    I need to chill

    Signing out.

    Sunday, March 15, 2009
    Would they write a song for you? 10:10 PM

    Hows your holiday?
    Gonna spend it wisely?
    Or isit just gonna be another wasted week?


    Have you ever felt that
    The things in ur life are so sucky

    But you cant really complain
    Because they are not as bad
    If you compare it to the worst

    So it'll look like you're the problem if you complain
    And you'll just shut yourself up
    That feeling sucks huh?

    I know how it feels.


    I just learnt how to play Crazier by Taylor Swift on guitar

    Ahh im lovin' it

    Have you watched Gaga's performance in my previous post?
    You want the song =]
    Here's the mp3 donwload link

    I din noe she's so good at playing the piano =D
    If you like her style, i recommend these songs off her album
    Check 'em out if u havent already
    Apart from the singles on radio

    Eh eh Nothing Else I Can Say
    [3rd single in Australia, NZ and Europe]

    Love Game
    [maybe her 3rd single]

    [i love the beat!]

    Paper Gangsta

    Brown Eyes

    Her birthday is on Friday x]


    Is it over yet?
    Can I open my eyes?
    Is this as hard as it gets?
    Is this what it feels like to really cry?

    -- Kelly Clarkson's "Cry"


    Down time for me.

    My temporary aid is only music.

    Glad it helps.
    What's your temporary aid?
    Better get one before its too late.

    Signing out.

    Saturday, March 14, 2009
    Fooled Me Again 3:50 PM

    Just changed my blog banner

    Basically i just wana convey the message saying whenever you're down, always reach in to find ur light, ur positive charge. Positive charges stay. Negative charges come and go.

    From the banner, that guy sitting down with his unsatisfaction of life. But as he looks at the lamp post, standing alone in the dark. It still has a light on its own and standing tall. I painted it kinda spontaneously. I added a puddle of water to show that in life, there are bad times which in this case its the rain. So we take the problems and troubles as a mirror, to do some self reflection, self check, just like the reflection from the puddle.

    Haha so philosophical. Dun mind me. The painting is kinda sucky cos i did it in a rush and also it was all just a random thought. For no reason xD

    Two must watch Live Performance

    The awesome Lady Gaga =]

    Damn its hilarious man!

    She's so funny!!


    Quote of the Day

    "Always have an objective, know your endgame before you lift a hand, keep a clear head, emotions make you sloppy, and most important thing is that you understand your motivation and always know what is it that you want."
    -- Gabriel Gray a.k.a. Sylar

    Friday, March 13, 2009
    Serenades for the After Battle 2:02 PM

    Exams are over! Can have more relaxing and sleeping time!
    I am happy =D


    Btw, before the exams. I managed to fish out some time to watch
    It's not a big deal if its just CSI but guess what?
    Taylor Swift is the guest star in this very special episode!
    Storyline aint that awesome but i love love love her role =D
    So yea.... im gonna talk a bit about it

    [SEASON 9 EPISODE 16 "Turn, turn, turn"]

    She died of course!
    It was her dream to die in CSI
    haha so weird!
    But i tell ya, her hairstlyes are awesome in this episode
    Apart from her normal curly hairstyle, which im kinda bored of

    ONE...Haha she looks like a manequin that fell out of the store window




    This short hairstyle is my favourite!
    She looks so cool! No more country taylor =D



    After all the drama
    There's something for u to download
    Haha it's the CSI remix of Tay's You're Not Sorry
    It was played on the episode itself =]
    It's very CSI-ish and i like it.
    You're Not Sorry [CSI Remix] by Taylor Swift


    More of Taylor Swift in April
    10th of April
    She'll be featured in the Hannah Montana movie
    Not sure for how long
    I guess I'll just watch it for the songs and her and the humours
    Definitely NOT for Miley xD
    If you havent checked out Miley's "The Climb"
    which is one of her soundtrack in the movie
    You better go listen it 'cause its awesome =]

    Edit again: woops! the previous download link for Hannah Montana OST was invalid. But nvm, i found Taylor Swift's song on the OST

    Crazier by Taylor Swift

    It's awesome but abit to country-ish.

    "Get your hands of my arm, I'm trying to play the guitar man!"
    xD i'm so mean but hu cares, she killed the performance


    That was a huge dosage of Taylor Swift.
    Haha.... probably'll be Calvin's favourite post
    Oh well, i never thought she'll make me like her
    Didn't like her that much last time
    Now she rocks!

    Some songs to share
    =] download them urself!

    Forever Ain't Enough by J. Holiday
    Cry by Kelly Clarkson
    Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
    Don't Let Me Stop You by Kelly Clarkson
    I Do Not Hook Up by Kelly Clarkson
    Stay by Gavin Degraw
    Big Girl Now by New Kids On the Block feat Lady Gaga
    Roll the Credits by Paula Deanda
    Boom Boom Pow by Black Eyed Peas
    Broken-Hearted Girl by Beyonce
    She Is Love by Parachute, VA
    Not Anymore by LeToya
    I Need A Girl by Trey Songz

    And here's the download link for
    Michael Jackson's songs
    I love Allison Iraheta's voice
    Adam Lambert's so cute and hot
    I wana hear Alexis Grace sing some nicer songs


    I'm gonna fail Biology, Chemistry and Moral

    Oh well...
    Congrats to those hu got what they wanted for SPM!
    And don't worry for those who didnt, it aint the end of world =]
    Signing out.

    Friday, March 6, 2009
    Is It Over Yet? 5:54 PM

    Exams coming man!
    I shall study hard and make my sister proud =]

    I can tell
    i can tell
    how much you hate this
    deep down inside
    you know it's killing me
    i can call, wish you well
    and try to change this
    but nothing I can say
    would change anything

    i wish i could save you
    i wish i could say to you
    i'm not going nowhere
    i wish i could say to you
    it's gonna be alright

    --Kelly Clarkson's "Save You"

    5L rocks!

    Random, i know.
    But i love my class =]

    We have
    the intellectual people, responsible people, irresponsible people, loud people, quiet people, spontaneous people, brave people, sporting people, sarcastic people, happy people, sleepy people, artistice people, friendly people, blur people, sporty people, motivated people, lazy people, hardworking people, smart people, annoying people, talented people, weird people, optimistic people, fun people, matured people, childish people, moody people, funny people

    We have it all, here only in 5L, visit us anytime!
    xD gawd, i sound like i'm advertising my class

    These people in 5L create stories in their lives together.
    Everyday a different memory
    Eventhough similar sometimes
    But still different
    When we look back next time,
    We will smile, laugh, cry, frown, freak

    I wana post more
    But i hafta vacuum the house now

    =/ yea yea, i got no maid.
    Dat's why im independant xP

    I miss my sister
    I need her psycological counselling to help me so that i wont miss her
    If that even makes sense

    I wana grow up
    So that i can be independant
    I duwana grow up
    So that i can stay with my family and friends
    Looks like reality wants me to be independant

    I shall be...
    Same goes to you, okay?

    Face the challenges in ur life
    By asking urself
    "Are you that bad that even this can bring you down?"
    I always ask myself that
    And my answer will always be
    "HELL NO!"

    So i duwana vacuum the house
    But i gotta do it
    Because i wont let it make me look lazy
    And get scolded from my mother

    Therefore, i've defeated the stupid vacuum!
    Hah! stupid vacuum!
    Ok.... enough talking
    I'm going off now =]

    Signing out!

    Sunday, March 1, 2009
    Nothing Else I Can Say 7:50 PM

    Yo people!
    I just feel like being all philosophical right now


    To release some of my thoughts
    So ignore this post if u feel that u've already achieve these.


    It frees us.

    "People who forgive show less depression, anger and stress and more hopefulness,"
    --Frederic Luskin

    It destroys us.

    (from Reader's Digest)
    To forgive may be divine, but no one ever said it was easy. When someone has deeply hurt you, it can be extremely difficult to let go of your grudge. But forgiveness is possible -- and it can be surprisingly beneficial to your physical and mental health

    Calm yourself. To defuse your anger, try a simple stress-management technique. Take a couple of breaths and think of something that gives you pleasure: a beautiful scene in nature, someone you love.

    Don't wait for an apology.
    Many times the person who hurt you has no intention of apologizing, they may have wanted to hurt you or they just don't see things the same way. So if you wait for people to apologize, you could be waiting an awfully long time. Keep in mind that forgiveness does not necessarily mean reconciliation with the person who upset you or condoning of his or her action.

    Take the control away from your offender.
    Mentally replaying your hurt gives power to the person who caused you pain. Instead of focusing on your wounded feelings, learn to look for the love, beauty and kindness around you.

    Try to see things from the other person's perspective. If you empathize with that person, you may realize that he or she was acting out of ignorance, fear -- even love.

    Recognize the benefits of forgiveness.
    Research has shown that people who forgive report more energy, better appetite and better sleep patterns.

    Don't forget to forgive yourself.
    For some people, forgiving themselves is the biggest challenge but it can rob you of your self-confidence if you don't do it.

    Never smile if you don't mean it. But smile to mean it.


    It brings us down.

    Before You React to Your Anger:
    (from Anger Management for Dummies)

    When you find yourself on the verge of losing your cool, ask yourself: Is this worth raising my blood pressure, wearing out my cardiovascular system, and eventually causing a heart attack?

    Rate the intensity of your anger on a 10-point scale: 1-3 means you’re irritated, 4-6 means you’re mad, and 7-10 means you’re in a rage.

    Try to delay reacting. Stop and take a slow, deep breath in through the nose. Hold it for a count of one. Then exhale in an exaggerated way though your mouth. Repeat until you can feel it slowing some of the effects of all that adrenaline pumping through you: increased heart rate, blood pressure, muscle tension, and desire to hit something.

    Ask yourself: Who am I really angry at? And is the intensity of my anger consistent with why I’m ticked off?

    Learn to let go of the little things in life. Then challenge yourself to let go of the big things. It takes time.

    Give yourself three options and consider the consequences of each, such as:
    Let it go
    Respond with a vengeance
    Walk away for now but return later to discuss

    Go ahead and respond. If you’ve really taken the time to weigh the consequences, most likely you’ll respond in a way that benefits you more than it hurts you.

    Leave out the four-letter words. They’re incendiary and only add gasoline to the fire.

    Remember the people who care for you. You probably do not want them to get angry beacuse you are angry.

    Music releases stress.

    I ♥ music.

    So, will you do yourself two favours?

    Forgive and also control your anger

    =] smile for yourself!


    Signing out.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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