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    Friday, September 19, 2008
    Your White Horse 5:31 PM

    Wooooh its been a long time since i've updated


    Okay got loads to talk about.

    I haven't even finished talking bout my Perth Experience

    So I will continue to talk about it in the next post

    For now... i've got loads to share.


    30th of September 2008

    Kerrine was the luckiest girl.

    We had a surprise party for her xD

    This THE TEAM! =]

    Thank you, Emelia, Jamin, Diksha and Chern Li.

    And also Jake ^^

    I invited as many ppl as possible.

    =D thanks for turning up, guys.

    And thanks to everyone hu brought the food and drinks!

    Yum those cupcakes are baked by Josephine.

    Finest cupcakes ever.

    It was seriously tiring.

    But the outcome was really fun.

    Let me tell you how was it.


    Heeee.... in the morning,

    Diksha and Jamin met up with the birthday girl at midvalley.

    That's when we all can start working!

    I've told Kerrine dat i was gona be in Ipoh.

    She bought it. xD

    Emelia and Chern Li both told her they cudnt go out with her.

    She bought it too. =D

    Around 2pm, I met up with Emelia

    to buy wedges and Kerrine's present.

    Off we went to her house.

    We were the earliest.

    Only her maid and her bro, Kevan are at home.

    A lil awkward. haha

    Kevan showed us where to hide and brought music to the house.

    We raided Kerrine's room xD

    Around 4pm people started coming.

    Joanna came with the Ipod Sepakers =]

    It's Kerrine's biggest bday gift i guess.

    Kevan told me dat he's gona go fetch Kerrine home.

    We freaked out.

    Cos Julia, Russell and Chern Li weren't here yet.

    Haha so worried dat they mite arrived at Kerrine's house

    at the SAME time with Kerrine ><

    We shouted "Everyone prepare to hide!"

    Haha... screamings and shoutings were the responds

    Then Diksha smsed "We're almost here turning to the house ady"

    Aaaaahhh... me n Chern Li freaked out.

    We decided to hide behind the couch

    as everyone else hid in the guest room

    so that i cud get a video of her.

    Since both of us were separated from the group

    Me and Chern Li worried dat we mite be the only two ppl

    when we shout "Suprise!"

    Hiding behind the couch,

    we cud hear the car stopped at the porch.

    The maid went to open the door.

    Kerrine and Kevan stepped in, talking bout Michael Phelps

    Then we heard Kerrine said "Wads wif all the chairs outside?"

    At count of 3 me and chern li jumped and shouted "SURPRISE!"

    Gawd it was hilarious, it really did happened.

    Only both of us shouted.

    Kerrine thought there were only the two of us.

    She was like "Omg u liar! U said ur in Ipoh! Stupid Ipoh girl......"

    As she crossed the guest room, the group of ppl went "SURPRISE"

    And came out of the room like a swarm of bees

    She was super shocked. Haha she hugged her dad n bro =]

    Later, she opened her present and gave a short squeak

    when she saw the ipod speakers.

    Party started as everyone started eating and drinking

    and talking and laughing.

    Half of us went to watch the suckiest movies ever - Pathology.

    Seriously the porno parts were scarier than the gory parts.

    Another half were playing twister and sum were gambling

    One by one they went back =]

    I wanted to stay over but owell..

    Video will b up soon.

    More photos will be up later.


    Avril's world tour's about to end

    The Manila fans were so lucky!

    Watch this, Avril got down from the stage

    And she was so near the audience

    dat u cud actually see her pimples xD


    Music music music!

    Lately there has been some great music

    Apart from "Love Story" by Taylor Swift

    Check out these if u havent

    Can't wait for Taylor's new album, Fearless.

    Seems good.

    This is rumoured to be the 2nd single.

    It was played in Grey's Anatomy.

    =] I like it.

    White Horse by Taylor Swift

    Congrats Twilight and Paramore fans.

    Hayley Williams is a big fan of Twilight as well.

    "Twilight is the first series of books I've ever read. I didn't get into the Harry Potter series even though I love the movies. Twilight really caught my attention and held it. I'm really excited to see the book adapted to film and excited that our band gets to be a part of the phenomenon. I chose the title "Decode" because the song is about the building tension, awkwardness, anger and confusion between Bella and Edward. Bella's is the only mind Edward can't read and I feel like that's a big part of the first book and one of the obstacles for them to overcome. It's one added tension that makes the story even better."

    -- Hayley Williams, Paramore

    She sang two soundtracks for the movie

    Here's one

    Decode by Paramore

    Not really a fan of Nelly Furtado or James Morrison

    But this track seems not bad

    I kinda like it.

    Broken Strings by James Morrison feat. Nelly Furtado

    David Cook has released a new single

    Check it out if u havent

    To me, its okay only

    Light On by David Cook

    Buckcherry's new single

    not bad

    Don't Go Away by Buckcherry

    This wans kinda old

    by Brandy

    Came out earlier this year

    But i loooove the beat

    Right Here (Departed) by Brandy

    Lastly. Have u heard the awesome song

    Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry?

    If u havent, better check it out

    for its really addictive

    Here's the music video.

    Hot N' Cold by Katy Perry



    Haven't been studying

    Im dead!

    So this will be the last post before exam starts!

    Good luck ppl!

    Signing out.

    Sunday, September 14, 2008
    They Can Never Have Yesterday 6:36 PM

    A Few Videos Out throughout the Week.
    Watch 'em if u havent seen them

    Love Story by Taylor Swift

    Her latest single music video. I kinda like this song.

    No doubt shes very very pretty in this video. =]

    Angel by Natasha Beddingfield

    Her latest single as well. I love this song. Sucky video though.

    U like the video? I dun.

    Crush by David Archuleta

    Everybody's favourite boy. Yea u've probly heard this song.
    Video was out last Sunday.

    He's cute. Simple video.

    Sunday, September 7, 2008
    The Heart Keeps Telling You Don't Give Up 12:06 PM

    Exams in one month!

    Just Stand Up Live

    Really awesome performance

    Love this song

    With so many chics on stage
    Leona rocks!
    Man... Miley cant sing at all


    Song Updates

    Daniel Powter's latest single:

    Next Plane Home by Daniel Powter


    Plain White T's latest single:

    Natural Disaster by Plain White T's

    Fall Out Boys' latest single:

    I Don't Care by Fall Out Boys


    I was stuck with this Mcfly's song
    Was released in 2007
    Still nice:


    Christina Aguilera's coming back
    with her new single:


    Watch this

    Theft in Pavilion

    credits to
    Moral of the story is
    Take care of your belongings =]
    Signing out.

    Wednesday, September 3, 2008
    Perth Experience Part 4 9:05 PM

    Wooh... 3rd day of our Perth trip here

    Went to this historical monument thingy.
    Yea more pictures.

    One of the awesome part

    was after dat

    we went to Port Fremantle

    Start shopping!!

    Yea.. i hung out with Kerrine.

    Going through most of the shops.

    Emelia owns this shop! xD

    And I own this shop!!


    MORE skateboards!!

    These are all MINE!
    And on the way
    I bought myself a Hoodie
    in Jay Jay's

    Oooh... and it was Ryan's b'day
    Jojo bought this for him
    from the lolli shop.

    So we all were super hungry after dat
    I crossed the railway
    for the 1st time!!!

    Here's the Cicerello's famous Fish and Chips restaurant

    And here he celebrated his 16th b'day

    Ooooooh YUM!

    Hahaha... the crowd insisted Mr Ganes to feed the b'day boy

    Ooooh and this round thingy above
    It looks so much like a bomb
    And becos of it i was such a jakun
    Imagining dat it'll start beeping
    n blow up the whole restaurant
    It went like dat
    We took our orders n paid the bill
    They handed us this "bomb"
    Then we went back to our seats
    Few minutes later
    It beeped!!!
    kinda vigorously
    i rushed to the counter with the "bomb"
    and i got my food!
    awesome "bomb"
    Yea yea i noe, im such a jakun.

    After lunch
    King's Park was our next destination

    Green grass

    Blue sky

    Fresh air

    Awesome friends

    Oooh this fire thingy below.
    It burns everlastingly
    To remember those hu fought for their country
    And the walls around it
    As u can see..
    They're called the Whisper Wall
    Because u can whisper through the walls
    I'm serious!
    Go to one end of the wall
    Whisper something
    Ask ur fren to go to another end of the wall
    You can hear it loud n clear
    Really cool
    I din believe it at all
    But i tried it
    Seriously, i was kinda freaked out.
    Nahh... not ghost whispering la
    Its just physics.

    Trying to pose?

    Oooh an there were cute ducklings too

    Everyone was chasing after them to take pictures

    Poor them look how scared they were

    This is the Eucalptus plant

    Stinky plant

    Koala's favourite food

    One thing i like about
    was the floor of the Park
    Beautiful aint it?

    And this is just plain priceless
    Imaigne u show this to her daughter in the future
    "This is ur mama!"

    After all those sightseeing.

    Headed home to take a bath n stuff

    Went to Sacred Heart to play games

    We played some pulling mattress thing
    And also modified softball
    And lotsa socialising
    And made lotsa friends
    Well not really for Melvyn and Cassie

    That's all for the 3rd day
    The 4th day's the performance day
    Me in a pink dress ><

    Signing out

    Tuesday, September 2, 2008
    1 Way 2 Say 3 Words 4 You 10:22 PM

    Few songs to share

    slow but nice.

    Currently hooked up on "Yesterday" by Leona Lewis
    Gotta check it out. Awesome song

    Signing out

    Monday, September 1, 2008
    Perth Experience Part 3 8:48 PM

    Ok, 2nd day of my awesome Perth trip.

    Yes, more camwhorings.
    We followed them to school
    And had classes with them.

    And their cafeteria.
    Its just a small place for u to buy food
    Then u can eat anywhere
    no canteen whatsoever.
    I had PJK with my host
    I tired hockey with Kerrine
    She scored!
    It was really fun

    Then i had Geo class with my host
    Ashley and Chern Li were there too
    We played games.
    And this guy, Jordan he's really funny.
    He sorta hosted for a while
    Using the marker pen asif its a microphone
    Asking the whole class to repeat after our names

    Ooh and there was another blonde guy
    He hid himself in a cupboard
    It was hilarious.
    Kay, then we headed to the Hilary's
    Had lunch there.
    Me and Kerrine had subway sandwiches
    And also ice-cream
    Me n kerrine went to this ice cream shop
    where they sell ice cream (duh!)
    But its special
    cos they let u choose the flavor (duh!)
    wait! then... u get to put any toppings or add-ons u wan
    like sneakers, m&m, gummy bears, mint chocolate etc.
    It was awesome!!
    The shop's called Cold Rock
    make sure u check it out when u visit Hilary's
    Ok, wads Hilary's?
    There the picture above shows it all
    It's near the jetty
    Where everyone stop their boats
    Its pretty becos
    u can see the water sparkle under the sunlight
    And so i started munching the green apple Diksha gave me
    While we started to head off to the Aquamarine
    On the way
    We stopped at the Trigg Beach for awhile
    Beautiful waves
    But we'd be going there later
    We reached after our looong walk
    Mr.Dibuono said he had never seen people walking as slow as us
    Aquamarine was okay...
    Ntg much.. fishies, stingray, Shark! (so?)
    There's this cute lil seal
    Supposed to be having training for us to see
    but too lazy
    tsk tsk..

    So after all the fishy stuff
    We went back with our hosts.
    Guess wad i had for dinner
    yum... the extra extra cheese
    Kass's mum is an awesome cook

    After dinner,
    we got prepared for
    guess wad?
    Dark Light
    It's like a paintball game
    Just dat we're not shooting paintballs
    We're shooting lasers =D
    So we go into this black n dark room
    My rank was 7
    and HAHA chern li got second last
    Mark Koh was good
    He got rank 1

    Me, Ashley, Molly, Kass and Yuen May on the top.

    The funniest part was
    Kate(Trisha's host) was telling me dat
    she was under a bridge in the dark room
    And some blurcase person was standing on the bridge
    so Kate kept shooting dat person
    That person was like "Who the hell is dat?!!"
    Guess who's dat?
    It's non other than our fren, Chern Li

    And so we went back tired

    Into our comfy beds =] Awesome night!


    Signing out.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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