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    Friday, January 23, 2009
    I wish... 12:05 PM

    Happy CNY people!
    I'm gonna be in Johor for the weekend

    Will be back by Wednesday.

    Have a safe trip, everyone.

    And those who arent travelling,

    Have fun in KL.


    Wishlist huh...

    I've never really thought of a list of things i want

    Until Emelia asked me bout it dat day...

    I guess the things I want are quite

    impossible to get

    No, scratch dat...

    Materialistically, it's just hard to get

    Let me list it out and you'll know what i mean

    1. A Gaming Computer/Notebook

    Ah.. there r like 2 comps at home already...

    How can i demand for more?

    The notebook maybe possible... but not now

    2. Metal Pick Necklace

    Yes i can find picks

    I can find metal picks too

    But i can't find real solid metal picks

    That can be made into necklaces

    I will still be searching for it...

    Till the day i own it

    I'll be the happiest person on earth.

    3. An Acoustic Guitar

    Ok.. this aint an impossible wishlist
    But I feel bad if i constantly leech off money

    from my parents
    Just to get what i want

    Well, i don't have a job

    And i must eat...

    I duwana starve myself for money

    So im trying to be grateful that

    I at least have

    a half acoustic half classical guitar

    4. A Motorbike

    HAHA... yes its true

    I'm crazy

    But i really wana own one

    And ride one

    It's my dream to be a biker...

    5. An Ipod

    Yea I noe..

    Nobody has seen me drooling over an Ipod before

    It's not bcos i dun like it..

    DUH! of cos i like it..

    It's like a source of MUSIC.

    But... i aint rich okay..

    I cant dream of owning one of these

    6. Avril Lavgine's Guitar Pick

    Two possibilities,

    I go on stage after her show to steal it

    Or i spend $$$$ to buy form an auction

    Unless i become the luckiest perosn in the world

    She throws it towards me during her concert.

    But come on, when is she coming back again?


    It's kinda relaxing to draw

    In between classes

    And people sitting around me probly seen these


    I noe... it doesnt look much like a leopard

    Just trying out...

    Left Handed Guitarist

    I tink left-handed guitarists are cool


    Signing out.

    Friday, January 16, 2009
    Rainy Ending in a Perfect Day 6:27 PM

    Just had real fast-moving and busy weeks
    Homework piling up
    Every clubs and teams getting started


    Went to the Star Education Fair dat weekend
    Met up with Emelia, Kerrine, Diksha and Chern Li
    Great tiring two days with loads to learn
    And i need to decide...


    Believe me
    u can't imagine how hard it is for me to choose
    between these two stupid things!

    But right now, I'm siding Arts... =\
    Talked to counselors from
    One Academy, LimKokWing and Taylor's
    I guess One Academy's the best
    Considering the students' awesome artworks and masterpiece
    I looked at them and was like
    "Man, i wana do all those stuff!"

    But nowadays when people hear ur going for Arts
    They'll go like "What? U can't do Science?"
    I mean, what the heck?
    What's wrong with doing non-professional jobs
    Just as long u get paid nicely and live a good life

    Who says a doctor is always richer and happier than a hairdresser?
    Things have changed man!!
    Last time, it used to be like dat.
    U can only be successful if u become some lawyer, engineer wadeva
    Now just with hardwork and talent plus passionate interest
    We can be successful in anything profession in the world

    During the EduTalk, this lady showed us the statistics
    The hottest job nowadays with high pays are
    When we say plumbers, you probly think of
    "Ew dirty old man cleaning up pipes"
    Perceptions perceptions perceptions.
    FYI, doctors, lawyers, engineers, accountants are not in the list!

    I'm not discriminating the professional jobs
    I'm discriminating people who discriminates non professional jobs

    Those are my opnions.
    But I'm still thinking.
    What if I won't do good in the non-professional jobs?
    Like what most people say
    "Aiya... do Arts cannot make a living wan la!"

    That's why I'm still pondering whether I should...
    Take the challenge to show the world that
    people can be successful in Arts professions
    Take a science stream subject and
    head towards a safer and secured professional job



    Music is coming very slowly to me these days

    Havent been online much

    So i just kept geting hooked up on old songs like

    Cold As You by Taylor Swift


    Another Heart Calls by All-American Rejects


    Kelly Clarkson's new songs is finally out!

    But i'll leave it all for Howard to tell you guys about.

    My opinion: It's really good.

    It gives u the feel of her "Breakaway" album


    So peeps, hows school life?

    Sitting behind the School Captain

    First artwork of 2009.

    I have like smart and hardworking people
    Surrounding me
    How can I not strive to do my best?
    It's not really bad though...
    I finish my homework most of the time
    And I paY more attention during classes
    What about you?

    PS: 5L rocks!


    Signing out!

    Friday, January 9, 2009
    Two-K-Nine 6:25 PM

    Can you sketch your year 2009?
    Just a draft will be fine...
    Are they all the lovely things...
    or are they the darkest things in the world?

    If you ask me?
    I think I will..
    Sketch what i've imagined...
    Paint what i've seen...
    Frame what i want...
    Dispose what i regret...

    What did i do for the first few days of my year 2009?
    Doing last year's holiday homework.
    Wow... thats a great start ==
    But i swear homework aint one of my resolutions
    Thank gawd..

    Ask yourself that.
    Can an exam make you all depressed, morbid or dead?
    The answer should be no.
    So be as cheerful as possible
    And at the same time achieve what u aim for.
    That's one of my resolutions for myself
    And also i hope everyone too...

    Have a great year!


    Signing out!

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

    The Sketcher
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    Lara Croft






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    Grace Lim








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    Cheng Yee


    Sam Seah

    Su Yin




    Wei Jean


    Mdm Zabedah

    Kar Yee



    Mr Sai Mun


    Yew Wah

    Grace Lee




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