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    Sunday, May 25, 2008
    Shooting Bridezilla while Rockclimbing with Avril 8:59 PM

    "When I'm alone I feel so much better!
    When I'm around you... I don't feeeel"
    -Avril Lavigne
    >=] I've gameless for centuries since after PMR when i finished my Tomb Raider.
    But... I've realised i've been noticing this game for awhile.
    Splinter Cell

    He's so awesomely cool =D
    Holidays! Im gona treasure every minute every second and do wad i wanna do.
    Im sure you're doing the same.

    Went for rockclimbing on Saturday. It was AWESOME.

    Yea i noe.. i was wearing my bball pants xD

    Heehee... it feels like a horror movie. Its dam scary when stuck in d middle of d wall. But i like the thrill of it. Thank god my heart can take it


    No im not being emo. Just thought of drawing a doggy in a different way. They are such good companions. All the time. =] wish i had one.

    "Im not gonna cry about some stupid guy,
    a guy who thinks he's all dat!"
    - Avril Lavigne

    Avril's songs are kinda handy to me rite now =] Love her!


    27 dresses has the awesomest script ever!

    Quote: "Clear the traffic cos Bridezilla is coming through!!"

    apart frm all the cheesy "im sorry" and "love u" n stuff. =]


    Signing out rite now!

    Friday, May 23, 2008
    Happy Holidays! 4:50 PM

    "Together doesnt feel right at all" - Avril Lavigne


    Teacher's Day today.... watched Ratatouille. Nice animation, not a very good storyline tho.
    Thank u , Kerrine for the AWESOME cupcakes u baked. Can seriously sell them.

    Cook's new single:
    Time of My Life - David Cook
    Typical Cook's kinda song.

    Nway, i din noe Scarlett Johansson sings. But I'm sure she cant. xD

    Hrd of Boyce Avenue? Man, the vocalist is AWESOMEEE.
    Check out snippets of his covers.

    His version of Bleeding Love is 10 times better than Jesse McCartney's =P
    I like his version of No Air.

    John Cusack's got himself another movie! Animated one sadly... watch the trailer here

    Igor Trailer

    Starring John Cusack and Jennifer Coolidge(The evil stepmother from Cinderella Story) =D it doesnt look dat interesting to me. But i HOPE it'll be good.


    Hugh jackman + Nicol Kidman!!! Heath Ledger was supposed to be in it =[
    Well realise they are all from the same country? Yeap they are from Aussie

    Australia Trailer

    Looks like those kinda good movies like Cold Mountain. Nicol Kidman still d best actress!


    Have u watched Hellboy aka Super Sapiens? We have a sequel =]
    Hellboy II: The Golden Army Trailer



    Angelina with guns..
    u've seen before rite? In Mr and Mrs Smith and Tomb Raider. Now we get to see it again.
    With awesome ass-kicking actions

    Wanted Trailer

    James Mcavoy kissing Angelina Jolie??!! ooh Morgan Freeman! Man i cant wait for this one.
    Bang! Bang! *Kachick* Bang! Bang!


    Still rmb X-Files? man, old memories. They're back =D yay horror!

    X-Files: I Want to Believe Trailer

    Awesome! theres a body under the frozen ground =]


    Heehee.. i told u so.. Movies movies and movies =D signing out

    Thursday, May 22, 2008
    Tickets to Freedom 8:45 PM

    Exam's over!! yeah yeah...

    David Cook won!! yeah yeah...

    Congrats. Its okay, archuleta fans.

    He's talented for his own age.


    Oooh thanks to kerrine, she found the sisterhood of travelling pants 2 trailer

    =D watch it now!

    The Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 2 Trailer

    =] the sisters are back!


    The macho Shia?


    Eagle Eye Trailer

    This wan looks cool. Starring Shia Labeouf. About looking like a terrorist and getting framed.


    Mummy, Mummy Returns and then....


    The Mummy 3 : Tomb of the Dragon Emperor Trailer

    =D i spot a dragon !!! Looks like theres gona be cool effects!

    Have u seen Hilary Duff with a machine gun?


    War, Inc. Trailer

    Yay! John Cusack! eeek... Hilary's being a whore... =P


    Have you watched Meet Joe Black? Its kinda old, but u gotta check it out if u havent =]

    Twilight... found this. its erm... o.o

    Man, my two weeks are just gona be movies movies and movies =D


    Currently hooked on:

    Superhuman - Chris Brown feat. Keri Hilson

    All Because of You (written by Avril Lavigne) - Puffy

    Puffy is some Japanese stars. Avril shudve sang the song xD Catchy song tho, like the lyrics.


    Have fun ppl! Singing out!

    Saturday, May 10, 2008
    All the Best! 10:56 PM

    im supposed to be studying now....xD

    Bio experiment was awesome. xD

    Our newest recipe:

    uncook eggwhite, burnt potato, burnt bread, Millon's reagant, Benedict solution
    Heat it....
    Stop when bubbles and red preciptate appear
    Sprinkle fine ground nuts on top
    Pour uncook eggyolk on the surface for extra topping
    Add two matchsticks on top for final decoration

    by Me, Grace, Joolee, Sueann and Chern Li =]

    Credits to Chia Wei for forgetting to surrender her hp.

    One day, u'll see me riding that! =D

    Treats after exams.

    Indiana Jones 4: Kingdom of the Skulls #2 trailer

    Did u see the awesome traps??? Can u wait? Cos i cant!

    Journey to the Centre of the Earth trailer

    Its kinda fantasy like but but..... Did u see the T-Rex!!! aaahh...

    Btw, dat boy mite look familar to u, cos he's the boy from Zathura! He got thinner lol

    Besides that...

    Be sure to catch the 3rd Mummy movie

    The Mummy: The Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

    trailer not up yet but again its starring

    Bredan Fraser

    Jet Li

    Michelle Yeoh

    Isabella Leong





    Will try to not come on9 so i can study xD try..

    signing out

    Friday, May 9, 2008
    I dunno why im feeling down. 10:05 PM

    =\ Feeling abit down for no reason. Its weird, doesnt happen to me much.


    Result of the boring chemistry..


    Had a very fun time during Clubs with the Outreachers.

    Diksha and Chern Li missed it tho.


    "I want Lionel and Timothy to dance sensually"

    "Not sexually, madam! SENSUALLY"

    - JunChuen


    Btw, Emelia rewinded herself today. lol


    Yivon, i WILL shoot ur wings if i have to. But i dun tink have a gun. =\


    Have a few songs to share here

    Beating My Heart - Jon McLaughlin

    If I Never See Your Face Again - Maroon 5 feat. Rihanna

    Bossy - Lindsay Lohan

    They are not that great tho... Their own common styles.


    Let's cheat!

    Graaaah... stupid exam's coming. I dun tink i can get through the whole freaking 2 weeks.

    No she's not trying to kill, she's trying to dig a way in.

    Drawing requested by Chern Li.


    Advertisement! I have one here! love it love it love it=D

    Avril Lavigne MTV Advertisement

    Cute huh? FREAKING CUTE xD

    Dunno y my bro laughed so much when he saw it.


    Don't think I'll update till exam's over. Signing out!

    Monday, May 5, 2008
    Smile! 4:59 PM

    Great.... exams + more homework.
    But after dat.
    movies + movies + movies + movies + movies...



    Staying online will make me miss you more. =]

    Stay cool!

    Keep up ur good work of erm... origami.
    Ur awesome talent. =D
    i remember.

    Celebrations and great presents are just something to spice up ur day.
    Without them, u can oways have a happy birthday.
    Because we all remember and wish u'll have one.

    So dun let us down.
    Cheer up and be happy.

    Miss you!



    "I am now Puma complete!" - Emelia

    It's good to see you smile the whole day.
    On a Monday.
    It seemed like nothing matters.

    It's rare too.

    Aaaww i like it when my icedmilo smiles.

    Rock on, man!

    Today's is a day worth smiling for.
    Thanks for being an awesome friend.

    I shall buy more croissants for u next time.

    Oyea and hope u spot some details on the card.
    haha... not a very neat work tho.

    Hope u enjoy ur erm... colourful socks from Auntie Stephanie. xD


    Guess wad????

    i was walking around 1 utama on my own yesterday

    As i walked pass TGV Cinemas.
    Guess wad i saw?????



    i was so excited that everyone around me thought i was a freak.

    I posted bout this movie on the forum like last year. Was hoping it'll be release any time in Malaysia. But my hopes went down when 11th April, it didnt come to Malaysia.

    But haha!!! Its coming in May! I cant wait!!!

    So if u havent even watched the trailer of this i-hope-its-great movie.

    Watch it now and here!

    Prom Night Trailer

    Hoping it'll be out after exams.

    Let's go watch together, anyone?

    Narnia. Indiana Jones. Prom Night.


    Not a huge fan of Taylor Swift.

    But her new song is not bad. I like it. Download it here if u havent heard it.

    Beautiful Eyes - Taylor Swift

    The song genre is a little like Avril's when she was young.

    But her voice is definitelay not like Avril's.


    Midyear midyear midyear exams!!! aaaahhh...

    My chemistry is really going down the drain.

    But anyway... All the Best ppl! Dun stress urselves too much.

    Take the challenge and do ur best, dats all.

    Don't listen to wadeva Matthews crap, it'll only lead u to suicidal.


    Signing out =]

    Thursday, May 1, 2008
    HAHAHA... 3:18 PM


    I noe this is mean but HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.....

    Emo but still Positive 12:06 PM

    Aaaah exam's coming! Wadeva.....

    The Scouts had the coolest baking-themed foodsale ever.
    Eli's brownies were awesome.


    Jamaliah told us that,

    Kissing can burn calories.

    o.O i shall not further comment =X


    Someone needs the BIGGEST mouth filter ever.
    And i shall not name who.


    A lame statement from Jang Foong:

    "Im in! Ur out!"
    [from interactors to outreachers]

    I lost my voice, then kerrine, then avril.


    Not a fan of Carrie Underwood or her songs. Just realised she kinda join her videos into a short story. Not a bad idea. Here's her latest video. Premierd on wednesday.

    Last Name by Carrie Underwood

    The guy is indeed a charm, but sucky personality.

    Fall out boys latest video premiered on Tuesday.

    Beat it by Fall Out Boys

    Lol... the Sumo part is funny.

    Here, Jamin. Here's the song u were looking for... It was on Howard's blog before too.

    Something to Believe In - Van Hunt, Jon Mclauhglin and Jason Mraz

    Been hearing about the sexy voice of David Cook? And the admirable performances of David Arch? If u havent hrd any of them, download some of their greatest songs here.

    Always Be My Baby - David Cook

    Music of the Night - David Cook

    When You Believe - David Arch

    Think of Me - David Arch

    These are from the Top 6 and Top 7 recordings. I dun really fancy the Top 5 performances. They dun sound as good.


    EGO or EMO?

    I used to support ego very much.... but now i realised, ego can really bring down ur reputation and change the impression u give to people. Whereas emo can sumtimes help u tink through things dat u've done wrong. But anyhow balance is always the best.

    Positive or Negative?

    Haha... i dun have to answere that. Of course its Positive! Negativeness kills everything. Being optimistic is good at times. So looking things in a positive way can oways help u find a way out, a way to solve a problem. Negativeness will just lead u to a dead end.


    Thanks, Kerrine =]


    Signing out now. Wont be updating for some time i guess.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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