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    Sunday, August 31, 2008
    Good News 6:49 PM

    Good news for my lil bro
    and all the car lovers out there

    The Fast The Furious 4 Trailer

    Good news to me too
    I love Vin Diesel!!

    Good news to Melvin
    Your girl, Jojo is back
    Its only a cover tho
    not bad =]
    originally done by Lil Wayne and T-Pain

    Good news for the Termintator fans
    like me
    Terminator 4: Salvation Trailer

    Awesome! Its Christian Bale this time

    Good news
    to those hu wana watch
    some of the Avril Lavigne concert videos
    This lucky fellow
    Hu is now in Philipines to watch her show again
    And going to watch the S'pore one
    Recorded the Malaysia concert in high quality
    Here's "My Happy Ending"

    She's awesome huh?

    Signing out

    Saturday, August 30, 2008
    Perth Experience Part 2 6:46 PM

    Okay let me start posting about our first day in Perth

    I woke up at 4.30 in the morning.
    Left the house at 6am
    Arrived there around 6.45am
    Rushed to Gate 5 and 6
    Where's everybody?
    Not here yet =\
    So i had chocolate croissants at a shop nearby

    7.00am! I saw people coming.
    So i hugged my mum and said goodbye.
    Lotsa mummys and daddys were there
    Especially for the Form 1 and 2 students
    Diksha's mum was there for a while
    Kerrine just got dropped
    Chern Li's mummy and daddy followed her until we got our tickets

    Yes, we were wearing those oversized WMS shirts
    Which says "WMS goes to Perth"

    Me and Chern Li were super hyper.
    Imagining stupid, crazy, impossible stuff that could happen.
    Weeeee... my imaginative buddy =]

    Oh and one more thing!
    Her mum was seriously dam funny
    She was like
    "Hey dun u wana take photos? Take photo la"
    Chern Li went
    "Mum, later we'll have plenty of time to take."
    "Take now la... are u sure later got time?"
    So we did took a photo.
    Few minutes later...
    Her mum came back
    "Hey dun u wana go to the toilet? Go now la"
    "I duwan. I'm fine!"
    "Go la... maybe u need to go now"
    So we did go to the toilet.

    So after all the custom crap
    We're finally on the plane!
    Oh and Hannah was all so hyper
    and went like
    "Let's take a photo of that! And that! And this!"

    Me, Diksha, Kerrine and Chern Li

    All aboard!
    The plane started to fly!
    Hannah was like "We're flying!!!!!!!"
    I wasted 3 hours of my time
    watching Prnice Caspian on the plane
    It has awesome effects
    But overall was super boring
    Their acting sucks.

    We spent our time camwhoring

    We had crappy food too.
    But most of the time.. we were just staring at the screen

    Well not her i guess..

    Then when we were able to see the continent we're heading to
    We kinda got anxious.
    Chern Li was super anxious
    I was just hoping there wont be awkwardness
    Kerrine was all fine
    Diksha was freaking out bcos Chern Li was

    And when we reached perth.
    custom again ==
    and we were like so nervous
    then we could see the automatic door opening n closing
    through the door
    we could see the aussies waiting for us
    with kangaroo soft toys
    koala soft toys
    we were so excited already!
    the banner above was one of the many banners they made

    So yea!
    Parted with my friends
    and got myself a new friend
    my host, Kassandra

    That's her mum, Grace
    They are all nice people
    Really nice <3>
    And they live at the surburb near Sorento
    Single storey house with a garage.
    Lovely place

    We went to this park
    which i could see kangaroos
    running around wild and free
    it was awesome
    i saw one with a joey in its pouch
    so cute!

    Had dinner at an Italian restaurant
    Met this waitress
    she's from USA
    Apparently a student exchange for 6 months
    coincidential huh?
    Here comes the best part...

    My buddy likes horror too
    So we watched this pure aussie horror
    Wolf Creek
    based on true story man!
    Wasn't dat good for the first hour of the movie
    But the last part was when all the gore n horror come
    Its bout a serial killer who targets backpackers
    so these 3 unlucky backapackers visited the wolf creek
    at the northern australia
    n got stuck with their broken car
    so the killer being all kind helped them
    n trapped them
    killing them after torturing them
    only one survived

    after the movie
    had a nice hot tea
    and slept =]
    That's it for my first awesome day
    in Perth

    She wears the pants! 2:26 PM


    29th of August 2008
    was one of the happiest days of my life

    She was so pretty with her recent new hairstyle
    Rock On!!! Love her outfits.
    More photos to come

    How was it?

    She started off with "Girlfriend" which was really upbeat.
    Where most of us sang along the "hey hey you you" part.

    Then she moved on to "I Can Do Better".
    So high pitch that i cudnt sing along.
    But it was fun.

    She dedicated the song "I'm With You" to us.
    Awesome vocals.
    "Complicated" was great too!
    "I guess all of you noe this song! Its my first single of all!"

    Surprisingly, she sang "I Always Get What I Want"
    I was so glad =] hyper and bossy song.

    She also played a few acoustic songs.
    Namely "Don't Tell Me" and "Hot"

    Again, i din expect her to sing"Innocence"
    It was so beautiful!

    And of course, she did play the pink piano
    While singing "When You're Gone"
    Really amazing! I cant describe it in words.

    And as I expected, she played the drums!
    "U guys wana see me play the drums?"
    I went so high!
    She played drums for "Runaway" while singing it.
    Really talented.

    She did "My Happy Ending" very well.
    She rocks!
    She managed to sing the high pitch part really nicely

    And "The Best Damn Thing" was really awesome.
    "Hey hey hey" and the "Hey hey ho"
    And the Msia fabclub brought the cheerleader signs
    of the alphabet A, V, R, I and L
    So when she went "Give me an A"
    They held up the sign!
    Was awesome!

    "I Don't Have To Try" got me really really hyped up!
    Though i only love that song live.
    The guitars were awesome.
    "Everything Back But You" got me all hyper too
    Her expressions were so funny
    And she can really sing live!
    Thank god there was no emo dancers
    When she sang "Losing Grip"
    The crowd roared at her awesomeness

    Oooh... and the best part was
    The intro for "He Wasn't"
    The lights were off.
    And she was standing in front of the stage.
    Doing some gestures which we can't see
    Cause it was too dark.
    So everyone was like "Whaa?"
    Then she went to the microphone and said "aherm!"
    The spolight came
    Woooh she was so cute.
    She raised up her hands with a huge smile on her face
    Everyone went "woaaaaoaoaoaoaa!"
    Then she put her hand down
    Everyone went silent.
    So she went up and down up and down up and down
    Playing with the crowds
    Then she kicked off with "He Wasn't"
    Shaking her butt and doing crazy faces!
    So cute of her!

    There was an interval
    They played her cover of "Bad Reputation"
    It was great thought it wasnt live
    I din noe they'll put it up
    Like they did in other countries.

    I din noe she'll do the rap in Malaysia!
    Woohooo she rapped for "Girlfriend Remix"
    it was unbelievable!

    Her final song was "Sk8er Boi"
    Love it when she went "how we rock each others woueorld!!"
    A fantastic ending.
    She rocked our world!

    So the setlist was:
    I Can Do Better
    My Happy Ending
    I'm With You
    I Always Get What I Want
    When You're Gone
    Dont Tell Me
    Losing Grip
    The Best Damn Thing
    Everything Back But You
    I Dont Have to Try
    He Wasn't
    Girlfriend Remix
    Sk8er Boi
    I guess it was a fair setlist compared to other countries
    Except for the clothing and her censoring the bad words.

    I love it!

    Monday, August 25, 2008
    Photo of the Day 10:06 PM

    Some French dude, de French hottie, me and Kerrine

    Saturday, August 23, 2008
    Perth Experience Part 1 8:22 PM

    Perth was AWESOME!

    Can't wait to tell you guys bout every detail.

    I'll break it down to a few posts.
    So u guys wont go dizzy reading all in one go.

    For now.
    I'm too tired to post the stories.
    Nor do i have the pictures yet.
    Yes i had a dead camera.
    So i dun have most of the photos.

    Here are some of the pics with my friends =]

    This is me and my awesome host, Kass.

    A white kangaroo!

    Me and Kerrine!

    Me and Diksha

    Me and Chern Li


    Got loads to tell you about!!

    I'll try to get all the photos by this week.

    Here's a shoutout to all my Perth buddies:

    I miss you all

    Kass, Kate, Ashley, Molly, Angela, Danielle, Sarah, Laura, Cassie etc.


    I was singing this song with my Aussie buddies =]

    This song will always remind me of them

    Guess wad? The video was premiered lately.

    So What by P!nk

    Awesome aye? xD She rocks!

    This song is actually about her ex.
    Dat guy in the video IS her ex. =]

    Here's another awesome song by all these artist
    click to download

    i cant recognise all voices.
    can only identify mariah carey's, rihanna's and beyonce's xD
    Signing out!

    Tuesday, August 19, 2008
    WTF IS WRONG WITH U?!!!! 11:35 PM

    Malaysia scraps Avril Lavigne concert; show slammed as 'too sexy'
    KUALA LUMPUR, Malaysia - An Avril Lavigne concert scheduled for later this month in Malaysia has been cancelled amid complaints that the show by the Canadian rock singer is "too sexy."
    The Arts, Culture and Heritage Ministry says it had decided not to permit Lavigne's planned Aug. 29 performance because it is unsuitable for Malaysian culture.
    The decision came after complaints by the youth wing of a fundamentalist opposition party, the Pan-Malaysian Islamic party.
    Kamarulzaman Mohamed, a party youth official, told The Associated Press on Monday that Lavigne's show was "considered too sexy for us" and would promote the wrong values just before independence day on Aug. 31.
    Lavigne, who shot to fame with her 2002 debut album "Let's Go," had planned to launch her month-long Asia tour in Kuala Lumpur.
    Malaysian officials say the show's promoter, Galaxy Group, can request a new date for the concert.
    Galaxy began advertising the Grammy-nominated rock singer's concert this month even though it had yet to obtain a government permit, which is mandatory for all foreign music shows. It said Monday about half the concert tickets had been sold.
    Last year, R&B singer Beyonce moved her show from Malaysia to Indonesia, and Christina Aguilera skipped the country on an Asian tour after a controversy erupted over a dress code for foreign artists.
    Malaysia requires all performers to wear clothes without obscene or drug-related images and be covered from the chest to the knees. They must also refrain from jumping, shouting, hugging and kissing on stage.
    Still, members of PAS and other conservative Muslims often protest against western and even Malaysian music shows that they deem to be inappropriate.
    The local organizer of a Pussycat Dolls concert in 2006 was fined $2,857 after the U.S. girl group was accused of flouting decency regulations.
    signing out. ='[

    Friday, August 15, 2008
    That's What Living's For 5:40 PM

    Ouch! It hurts...

    Aussie here i come!
    I got my host! i got my host!
    Her name is Kass
    Can't wait to meet her.
    I promise i'll update u guys bout our
    hopefully-wonderful trip!!
    and hope its an awesome weather there.

    Then after d holidays...
    Outreachers are setting out
    for a major project!
    Guess wad?
    We're gona decorate

    heeeee tempting.. xD

    Then after dat...
    On friday
    Outreachers having club lunch
    at Renaissance Hotel!
    Hope we dun hafta wear our club shirt there

    Then after ALL dat...
    It's Avril Lavigne's concert!!
    Hahaha... the moment i've been waiting!
    It's been 4 years since the last concert
    which was canceled.

    Terror in school today.
    Have u lost your eraser in school before?
    Have u lost your mechanical pencil in school before?
    Have lost your expensive gel pen in school before?
    Have you lost your wallet in school before?
    Have you lost about RM 50+ in school before?
    Have you lost RM 1,000 in school before??!!

    Cheer up, Sam.
    But I noe its hard. =[
    Stuuuupid thief!


    I want the pick!

    This freaking lucky fan.
    She held an Avril fan project.
    With all our messages to avril n picture of us
    with a pair of cute pink slippers
    and sent it to her.
    Now Avril finally replied.
    With a thank you letter
    and an autographed picture
    and the pick!
    I'm gona try to get the pick during the concert!

    The rich and the glamorous when u grow up?
    Spend ur time shopping for the riches
    wearing fancy and pretty clothes
    enjoying champagne and the best foods
    with 5 star hotels


    The cool and adventurous backpacker?
    Travel to the corners of the world
    to see unique and unusual things
    spend money travelling
    with cool gadgets and equipments

    I choose the 2nd option =]
    Chern li chose the 1st haha
    no doubts rite?


    Currently very hooked up on

    Little Miss Obsessive
    by Ashlee Simpson feat. Plain White T's

    by Natasha Beddingfield

    So What
    by P!nk

    by Rihanna

    Fools Like Me
    by Vanessa Carlton

    Rule The World
    by Take That

    Awesome songs
    that i'll never get annoyed with.
    Check them out
    if u havent already.

    Signing out!
    Happy Holidays!

    Sunday, August 10, 2008
    Tell Me That You Care! 3:39 PM

    Weirdest week's over!
    I shall not talk about it.
    Don't need to worry bout me!
    I'm perfectly fine ^^
    Previous post was just..
    abnormal of me i noe...
    But just for dat moment.

    PAS shall burn in hell
    if they had a chance to ban
    Avril's concert successfully
    Stuupid government.
    Lets keep out fingers crossed!


    Natasha's next single.

    And oso keep ur eyes (or ears) wide open for:
    1 .a Disturbia duet wif Rihanna and Chris Brown
    2. another hit single by Natasha Beddingfield written by Jesse McCartney
    Tired out.
    Went swimming today.
    Managed to do an 8 laps non stop swim.
    Signing out!

    Wednesday, August 6, 2008
    Little Miss Obsessive Can't Get Over it 9:22 PM

    Stupid day.

    Just being general.

    although optimistic. positive.
    i'm wrong
    i'm labelled as
    emotionless. expressionless. cold hearted.
    I suck.
    partly because i make my mum cry
    almost everyday.
    COLD of me
    the whole world agrees with me
    deep down inside.
    Now i'm the suckiest daughter on earth
    who can't take care of myself.
    who's too freakin' childish. forgetful.
    i'm sorry.


    only a guy with courage. with passion
    has the drive to win her heart back.
    only a girl with honesty. with innocence
    has the potential to win his heart back.


    A friend who smiles when you're happy.
    A friend who tries to make you smile when you're not.
    Never fedup of a hundred of whines.
    Never patient for another laugh.

    Anyway. Something has brigthened my day.
    Michelle Branch's coming back soon!
    Look out for her album
    "Everything Comes and Goes"
    Very soon.
    Here's her new song.
    Soundtrack of
    Sisterhood of Travelling Pants 2!!
    Signing out.

    Monday, August 4, 2008
    A Double Gotcha! 9:56 PM

    Teen Choice Awards Winners 2008
    3rd of August

    Choice Movie Action Adventure: “The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian.”
    Choice Movie Drama: “Step Up 2: The Streets.”
    Choice Movie Chick Flick: “27 Dresses.”
    Choice Movie Bromantic Comedy: “What Happens in Vegas.”
    Choice Movie Comedy: “Juno.”
    Choice Movie Horror/Thriller: “I Am Legend.”
    Choice Summer Movie Action Adventure: “Hancock.”
    Choice Summer Movie Comedy: “Get Smart.”
    Choice Movie Actor Drama: Channing Tatum, “Stop-Loss.”
    Choice Movie Actress Drama: Keira Knightley, “Atonement.”
    Choice Movie Actress Action Adventure: Rachel Bilson, “Jumper.”
    Choice Movie Actor Comedy: Ashton Kutcher, “What Happens in Vegas.”
    Choice Movie Actress Comedy: Ellen Page, “Juno.”
    Choice Movie Actor Horror/Thriller: Will Smith, “I Am Legend.”
    Choice Movie Actress Horror/Thriller: Jessica Alba, “The Eye.”
    Choice Movie Villain: Johnny Depp, “Sweeney Todd.”
    Choice Movie Breakout Female: Ellen Page, “Juno.”
    Choice Movie Breakout Male: Drake Bell, “Superhero Movie.”
    Choice TV Show Drama: “Gossip Girl.”
    Choice TV Show Action Adventure: “Heroes.”
    Choice TV Show Comedy: “Hannah Montana.”
    Choice TV Reality Dance: “America’s Best Dance Crew.”
    Choice TV Reality Music Competition: “American Idol.”
    Choice TV Celebrity Reality: “The Hills.”
    Choice Summer TV Show: “The Secret Life of the American Teenager.”
    Choice TV Actor Drama: Chad Michael Murray, “One Tree Hill.”
    Choice TV Actress Drama: Blake Lively, “Gossip Girl.”
    Choice TV Actress Action Adventure: Hayden Panettiere, “Heroes.”
    Choice TV Actor Comedy: Steve Carrell, “The Office.”
    Choice TV Actress Comedy: Miley Cyrus, “Hannah Montana.”
    Choice TV Breakout Show: “Gossip Girl.”
    Choice TV Breakout Star Female: Blake Lively, “Gossip Girl.”
    Choice TV Breakout Star Male: Chace Crawford, “Gossip Girl.”
    Choice TV Male Reality/Variety Star: David Cook, “American Idol.”
    Choice TV Female Reality/Variety Star: Lauren Conrad, “The Hills.”
    Choice TV Villain: Ed Westwick, “Gossip Girl”
    Choice Music Single: Jonas Brothers, “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”
    Choice Hook-Up: Jordin Sparks and Chris Brown, “No Air.”
    Choice Music Male Artist: Chris Brown.
    Choice Music Female Artist: Miley Cyrus.
    Choice Music R&B Artist: Chris Brown.
    Choice Breakout Group: Jonas Brothers.
    Choice Music Love Song: Jonas Brothers, “When You Look Me in the Eyes.”
    Choice Music R&B Track:
    Chris Brown, “Forever.”
    Choice Summer Song: Jonas Brothers, “Burnin’ Up.”
    Choice Male Hottie: Jonas Brothers.
    Choice Female Hottie: Vanessa Hudgens.
    Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Female: Carrie Underwood.
    Choice Red Carpet Fashion Icon Male: Jonas Brothers.
    Choice Comedian: Adam Sandler.
    Choice Male Athlete: David Beckham.
    Choice Female Athlete: Shawn Johnson.
    Choice Action Sports Male: Ryan Sheckler.
    Do Something Award: Chad Bullock.
    Choice Most Fanatic Fans: David Archuleta.
    Choice MySpacer: Ryan Sheckler.
    Choice Music Rap/Hip-Hop Track:
    Lil Mama featuring T-Pain and Chris Brown, “Shawty Get Loose.”
    Wooh! Go Heroes! and Congrats to Gossip Girls =]
    Psss... Chase Crawford was there, ppl!
    Chris Brown, Miley Cyrus and Jonas Brothers
    grabbed loads of surfboards dat day!


    MTV Asia Awards just over huh?

    Heard the fans had loads of fun.

    But guess wad?

    So did the stars!

    U gotta check tis out here!!!

    Pussycatdoll pranked the VJ/DJ

    with a Double Gotcha!

    You go, JJ and Rudy!

    Hahahaha AWESOME!
    i LOVE pranks

    Whose side are u on?

    Rihanna or Ne-Yo
    Rihanna vs. Ne-Yo
    Take A Bow by Rihanna[i'm sure u have it]
    Miley or Katy?
    Katy la!
    Miley Cyrus vs. Katy Perry
    Jonas Brothers new track album
    Not bad... i like tis better than "Tonight"
    Kerrine, I think u shud start posting songs!
    Yeah man
    Don't keep them to urself.
    Share ur taste of good music!
    I love song recommendation
    So if only
    everyone shares their favourite songs.
    we can have a collection
    of all the good songs
    Signing out!

    Sunday, August 3, 2008
    MTV rocked M'sia's Vegas 12:54 PM

    2008 MTV Asia Awards
    Last night in Genting Highlands

    The winners who walked away with the Golden M Bar are:

    Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia:
    Favorite Artist of China: Lee Yu Chun
    Favorite Artist of Hong Kong: Leo Ku
    Favorite Artist of Indonesia: Yovie & Nuno
    Favorite Artist of Korea: Super Junior
    Favorite Artist of Malaysia: Nicholas Teo
    Favorite Artist of Philippines: Chicosci
    Favorite Artist of Singapore: Stefanie Sun
    Favorite Artist of Taiwan: Show Lo
    Favorite Artist of Thailand:
    TOR+ Saksit

    International Music Awards:
    Favorite International Artist of Asia: Linkin Park
    Best Hook-up: Timbaland feat. OneRepublic - “Apologize”
    The Innovation Award: Radio Head
    Breakthrough Artist: Leona Lewis
    Video Star: 30 Seconds to Mars - “A Beautiful Lie”
    Bring Da House Down: Muse – Muse Asia Tour
    edc Style Award:
    Panic at the Disco

    Saturday, August 2, 2008
    Everybody falls... 2:30 PM

    Even the best actor falls.


    Outreach club had a bowling competition
    in Time Square
    Not bad... busy n messy day

    We have our newest bowling supermodel here

    Mdm Zabedah on the roll!
    This is erm... My Chemistry teacher
    Mdm Norhayati

    And here's our Biology teacher
    Ms Teng

    Congrats to huever hus gona win
    We'll get to noe the results soon.

    Songs songs songs =D


    Cant't get enough of Katy Perry?
    I cant! =]
    Here are her some of her B-sides

    Remember the song "Winner"?
    I posted before
    This artist Karina Parsian really talented.
    Here are more good wans from her.


    10 Things I hate About You Soundtrack:
    Heath Ledger ='(

    Stardust Soundtrack:

    Nway I've watched DARK KNIGHT!!






    I dun like the Batman.

    I only like his bike.
    To me, its as if he's not the main character.
    Instead the two AWESOME villains.
    I looooooooove Two Face!!
    Awesome artwork.
    Throughout the first part of the movie
    I was like why isit so familiar to me
    Dat this Harvey guy keeps fliping the coin?
    Then when he got his face burnt
    I was so excited and happy =]

    This wan was way better than the old actor.
    Cos he looks more like the original cartoon Two Face.

    Joker was impressingly awesome!!

    Really... and funny too.

    With his unpredicatble plans

    You can't miss this movie.


    And i miss Heath Ledger!

    Can't Take My Eyes Off Of You - Heath Ledger

    From "10 Things I hate About You"

    He's so awesome

    You'll always be my Casanova. <3
    Signing out! =]

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

    The Sketcher
    Image Hosted by


    Always in My Heart

    Lara Croft






    Mei Gwen


    Grace Lim








    Sam Chen



    Cheng Yee


    Sam Seah

    Su Yin




    Wei Jean


    Mdm Zabedah

    Kar Yee



    Mr Sai Mun


    Yew Wah

    Grace Lee




    Image Hosted by