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    Saturday, June 28, 2008
    Malaysia's August Rocks 6:08 PM

    I still want a Graphic Tablet!!!
    Lucky u, Diksha.
    Check these out.

    Sarah's cover of "I'm Yours" by Jason Mraz

    Awesome huh?

    7 Things by Miley Cyrus

    This is the only song i like thats sung by Miley i guess
    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince
    Coming 20th of November! =]
    Its near somebody's birthday
    in Genting Highlands, Malalysia
    Hosted by Jared Leto(30 Seconds to Mars)

    Favourite Music Artist Awards from Asia
    Favourite Artist Mainland China
    Favourite Artist Hong Kong
    Favourite Artist Indonesia
    Favourite Artist Korea
    Favourite Artist Malaysia
    Favourite Artist Philippines
    Favourite Artist Singapore
    Favourite Artist Taiwan
    Favourite Artist Thailand
    Favourite International Artist Awards in Asia
    Favourite International Artist in Asia
    Video Star
    Breakthrough Artist
    The Innovation Award
    Best Hook-Up
    Bring Da House Down
    edc Style Award

    If Avril wins. She'll come. So vote for her!!!
    She went to Singapore's MTVAA in 2003.
    Now its Malaysia's turn.
    Enjoy! Signing out.

    Friday, June 27, 2008
    Dammit! 10:15 PM


    Tour Dates:


    August 1: Bethleham, PA - Musikfest Grounds
    August 2: Saratoga, NY - Saratoga Performing Arts Center
    August 3: Toms River, NJ - Toms River Festival
    *with Jonas Brothers
    August 5: Sudbury, ON - Sudbury Community Arena
    August 6: Toronto, ON - Molson Amphitheatre
    August 8: Saint John, NB - Harbour Station
    August 9: Moncton, NB - Moncton Coliseum Complex
    August 10: Halifax, NS - Halifax Metro Centre
    August 12: Saint John's, NL - Mile One Centre
    August 13: Saint John's, NL - Mile One Centre
    August 19: Buenos Aires, Argentina
    August 20: Cordoba, Argentina
    August 22: Bogota, Colombia
    August 24: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    August 25: Curitiba, Brazil
    August 26: Sao Paulo, Brazil
    August 28: Santiago, Chile
    August 30: Caracas, Venezuela
    September 4: Mexico City, Mexico
    September 6: Monterrey, Mexico

    * Please note, the Latin America dates are not confirmed yet from Avril's reps.

    September 5: Taiwan
    September 10: Shizuoka, Japan - Hamamarsu Arina
    September 11: Niigata, Japan - Toki Messe
    September 13: Tokyo, Japan - Yoyogi Stadium
    September 14: Tokyo, Japan - Yoyogi Stadium
    September 16: Tokyo, Japan - Tokyo Dome
    September 17: Nagoya, Japan - Nippon Gaishi Hall
    September 18: Nagoya, Japan - Nippon Gaishi Hall
    September 20: Osaka, Japan - Intex Osaka
    September 21: Osaka, Japan - Intex Osaka
    September 22: Fukuoka Japan - Marine Messe Fukuoka
    September 24: Hiroshima, Japan - Hiroshima Sunplaza

    aaaaaaah!!! I hope Avril's reps will change the dates.

    Great! i hope Starnewspaper aint bullshitting!

    Get Set to Rock!!!! 5:28 PM

    Another week has passed. But i received an awesome news so get ready to rock!
    Have u realised that our days are getting more and more boring?
    Eversince our 2 weeks holiday ended.

    "Awesome" days

    But there will be more excitement to come. At least i tink so.

    Miss my guitar. Drawing requested by Chia Wei


    Today the Outreachers went for our #1 trip.
    Mhhmmm... dats rite.
    To Wisma Harapan.
    Blind ppl? Old folks? Oraphange?
    Its a place for mentally retarded people.
    Yes. And theres this cute little girl.
    Her name is Jeevnan.
    She doesnt seem to be mentally retarded.
    There must be a mistake!!
    She was doing her maths homework.
    Her question was like
    She din noe d answer.
    And guess wad.
    She looked at the clock.
    Gawd! How can u call her a retard?!
    And and theres this indian girl.
    She can sing!
    Nope, not in English or Malay.
    In Mandarin!!
    She can even speak that language.
    She was really excited.
    Holding ppl hands and singing Mandarin Pop songs.
    Yes pop as in popular songs on radio.
    She sang "Tong Hua"
    Then "Jingle Bell"
    Then she asked wads my name.
    I said "Siau Wei"
    She was like "Oooh u noe dat song"
    "Xiao Wei"?
    O.O" dammit...
    And yea... everyone sang along with her.
    Including me.
    Just to entertain her.
    I made her dance too =]
    The Monorail was kinda crowded but there are lotsa free seats.
    Zabedah said "Why duwana sit down?"
    We looked at each other.... And i told Chia Wei
    "Remember wad Teng said during Bio?"
    Then we laughed.
    Zabedah was like "Wad? wad Bio wad?"
    So I told her
    "Teng said if we sit on a warm seat especially in LRT...
    ... we'll get and ulser at our buttock..
    ...and it'll itch and bleed.."
    Zabedah was like O.O
    On the way back in the LRT.
    There was this man sitting infront of me.
    Thought he was Japanese.
    He asked me "High school?"
    I said "yea"
    "Grade 2..?"
    "Erm.. 4" i tink...
    Then i asked him "U japanese?"
    He laughed "Nonono. Im from South Korea."
    Then he started rambling bout his country
    "You know Park Jisung? And Rain?...."
    I was like "Mmhmm... yea yea ... great footballer... mhhm"
    Then i asked him wheres he going.
    He said hes staying in Malaysia.
    And i said bye cos we've reached the place oredi.
    Weird conversation with a stranger.
    Chia Wei, stop staring.
    I noe, mummy says never talk to strangers. xD
    Pics will be up soon.
    They r with Candy.
    As u all noe already, thnks to Star Newspaper.
    Said in the article,
    We are very pleased to be able to host this highly-anticipated show
    considered the biggest showcases for this year
    Galaxie's hosting it.
    Yeah man!

    New Mummy 3 Trailer.

    Awesome effects. =]


    Dats about it for today. Signing out!

    Friday, June 20, 2008
    The Word "Annoyed" 5:47 PM

    Welcome to my dead blog!!
    Thnx to the awesome rules in my house dat no comps must be on during weekdays.

    Life can be unfair sometimes.

    And really annoying too.
    I even tripped on my own shoelace.


    Hooked up with a few songs these days.
    As u all have hrd b4 a new singer called Katy Perry.
    I noe, the infamous singer of "I Kissed A Girl"
    But her other songs off her album is seriously WAY different from that song.
    'Cause i've downloaded them and heard them all.
    And i tink u shud trust me xD

    Here are some of her awesome songs off the album
    Recommended by ME =D

    Abit similar to Paramore's songs.
    Love the guitar n drums
    But not her voice tho.

    There's more! Well, i like them la.
    Dunno bout u guys.

    Similar to "Hate that I Love You". Love the beat.

    Chirstmas-y song here. She sounds like Jojo here.

    3 German females in a group. Cheesy lyrics but i like the song.
    Came out in 2007. thought it'll be aired in radio but i'm still waiting.


    Make sure u buy the Environmental Club's badges when they are on sale.
    Cause they are CUTE =P
    Im betraying my club.
    Cause i drew some of them xD
    Gimme some respect, man

    Miss Teng is actually a very nice and pretty teacher.
    She has changed alot i guess.
    I like her now.
    Oh and we all had mercy for the mummu hamster.
    On our bio disection class.
    Since it gave birth to 7 babies.
    We pity all of them.
    And they live happily ever after!

    The innocence.

    "It started out as a feeling
    Which then grew into a hope
    Which then turned into quiet thought
    Which turned into a quiet word
    And the word grew louder and louder
    Till there was a battle cry"

    - "The Call" by Regina Spektor

    credits to Emelia.


    Signing out.

    Friday, June 13, 2008
    It's Been A Week 6:41 PM

    Hows school? Hows results?
    Well for me so far... not bad.
    Thx to the results, we have less hw x]

    Haha found this Twilight site done by a guy trying to do some research on why so many girls drool over the twilight book.
    Funny comments he has. heres the link:
    He posted this:
    (he's talking bout the part where Bella couldn't decide wad to wear xD)

    And this:

    For some reason, I’m guessing because of writing for this website, some people have come to believe that I am their on-call Relationship Doctor. Or the Mister Fixit for ‘How Can I Get My BoyFriend To Read Twilight And Grow Up A Little?’. I usually tell them basically the same thing:

    Dear You, do this:
    YOU: Boyfriend! Please read Twilight. It would make me happy.
    BOYFRIEND (staring at video game screen): Whut?
    YOU: Okay. Read Twilight or else.
    BOYFRIEND (eyes not leaving screen): or else whut?
    YOU: Or else I’m leaving you for a fictional character.


    I just love this picture of her. The belt =D

    Avril's back on tour after her laryngitis.

    Check out this video of her singing Nobody's Home.

    ps: the guitar!!

    Who says Avril cant sing live?


    Mariah Carey has the stupidest video of "Touch My Body".

    Katy Perry has the most disgusting song about HER kissing a girl.

    "Busy Being Fabulous" by the Eagles is stuck in my head rite now thnx to Chern Li.

    Keri Hilson has a nice voice.

    Teddy Geiger's back! aaaaaaaaah

    I like Missy Elliot's "Ching-A-Ling" video but not the song.

    Kate Deluna is so wannabe-ish.

    I cant wait to hear more from Kelly Clarkson. But when?

    I still love "Over You" by Daughtry until now.

    Where is Jojo man? Heard she was studying.

    "Heroes and Thieves" by Vanessa Carlton has deep meaning.

    Rihanna has a new album this year. I din noe dat.

    Narnia has surprisingly good soundtracks and Emelia loves them.

    Jason Mraz's "Wordplay" really shows his talent in singing quickly.

    I still think "Almost Here" by Brian McFadden and Delta Goodrem is an awesome duet.

    Using "Low" by FloRida ft. T-Pain for WMS morning exercise is the weirdest thing to do.

    "If I Never See Your Face Again" video by Marron 5 and Rihanna came out exactly as i imagined. Hornily Disgusting.

    I hope Michelle Branch has a comeback.

    Avril Lavigne is still my favourite =D


    Signing out.

    Sunday, June 8, 2008
    Die. 12:07 PM

    School reopens tmr!
    Heard of Bunny Suicides by Andy Riley?
    Its a comic book. With pages of single comic strips.
    Im sure u've seen it in Mph or anywhere.
    I just love the idea of the whole book.
    Cause its the title says it all.
    Check out some of the comic here.
    Spot the bunny.









    U can obviously look for them via internet =]


    Last day of holiday.

    Savour it while u can?

    Well, i cant really do dat.

    So much for watching Prom Night and Narnia.

    Pray that it'll be a good semester! ><

    My first half of the year hadnt been so good.

    Good luck, everyone =]


    Ntg interesting going on. Signing out.

    Thursday, June 5, 2008
    Cool wheels 11:26 AM

    =\ School's gona start soon. T.T
    **** My first ever recognisable drawing of a car.
    Im not a fan of cars as most of u noe... so i cant really get myself to draw a car.
    But my mum bought this car book for my brother aka car maniac.
    So i copied the drawing. So yeah, u cant expect me to imagine and draw a car when i dun like cars rite? xD

    Somewhat cool guy in action.

    I hope i could draw him cooler. But owell, guys are always cool with guns and a smile that shows their dimples =]


    Right, yesday was a real chaos of traffic. lol

    Its because the the petrol price will be more expensive starting today. So last night when everyone got the news, lotsa ppl rushed out in their own car to get their car filled with petrol. Well too bad, "great minds think alike" causing a massive traffic jam. Wads the point nway, all the petrol will be wasted in the traffic jam. Dam the petrol station owners are smart ppl.

    This holiday is gonna be over. I miss all my friends, especially the ones in Aussie n NZ. =[ Its gonna be homework homework homework studies studies studies when school starts. I still feel bad for someone. Right, whatever i'm still gonna be happy.

    Gah, im babbling here! U can skip the whole thing.


    This is the Dodge's 4-Wheel Tomahawk

    Its incredibly cool!!!! Dam one day u'll see me riding something like dat!! =D speaking about safety, this 4-wheel bike is obviously more stable than any other 2-wheel bike.

    Aaaah if they use this bike for some action packed shooting movies, i bet it'll be awesome!


    Ntg much today. So im signing out

    Monday, June 2, 2008
    Exclusive 1:15 PM

    Brief post.


    2008 MTV Movie Awards

    Live tonight at 8pm

    Damn, i wana watch.

    Nominees and Winners for the "2008 MTV Movie Awards" are:

    -- Juno (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
    -- Transformers (DreamWorks SKG/Paramount Pictures)
    -- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Walt Disney Pictures)
    -- I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    -- Superbad (Sony Pictures)
    -- National Treasure: Book of Secrets (Walt Disney Pictures)

    -- Will Smith -- I Am Legend (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    -- Shia LaBeouf -- Transformers (DreamWorks SKG/Paramount Pictures)
    -- Denzel Washington -- American Gangster (Universal Pictures)
    -- Matt Damon -- The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal Pictures)
    -- Michael Cera -- Juno (Fox Searchlight Pictures)

    -- Ellen Page -- Juno (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
    -- Keira Knightley -- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Walt Disney Pictures)
    -- Katherine Heigl -- Knocked Up (Universal Pictures)
    -- Amy Adams -- Enchanted (Walt Disney Pictures)
    -- Jessica Biel -- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Universal Pictures)

    -- Johnny Depp -- Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber of Fleet Street (DreamWorks SKG/ Warner Bros. Pictures)
    -- Denzel Washington -- American Gangster (Universal Pictures)
    -- Angelina Jolie -- Beowulf (Warner Bros. Pictures/ Paramount Pictures)
    -- Topher Grace -- Spider-Man 3 (Sony Pictures)
    -- Javier Bardem -- No Country For Old Men (Paramount Vantage/ Miramax Films)

    -- Johnny Depp -- Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End (Walt Disney Pictures)
    -- Adam Sandler -- I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry (Universal Pictures)
    -- Jonah Hill -- Superbad (Sony Pictures)
    -- Seth Rogen -- Knocked Up (Universal Pictures)
    -- Amy Adams -- Enchanted (Walt Disney Pictures)

    -- Matt Damon vs. Joey Ansah -- The Bourne Ultimatum (Universal Pictures)
    -- Tobey Maguire vs. James Franco -- Spider-Man 3 (Sony Pictures)
    -- Hayden Christensen vs. Jamie Bell -- Jumper (20th Century Fox)
    -- Sean Faris vs. Cam Gigandet -- Never Back Down (Summit Entertainment, LLC)
    -- Chris Tucker & Jackie Chan vs. Sun Ming Ming -- Rush Hour 3 (New Line Cinema)
    -- Alien vs. Predator- Aliens vs. Predator -- Requiem (20th Century Fox)

    -- Shia LaBeouf and Sarah Roemer -- Disturbia (DreamWorks SKG)
    -- Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey -- Enchanted (Walt Disney Pictures)
    -- Daniel Radcliffe and Katie Leung -- Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    -- Ellen Page and Michael Cera -- Juno (Fox Searchlight Pictures)
    -- Briana Evigan and Robert Hoffman -- Step Up 2 The Streets (Touchstone Pictures)

    -- Zac Efron -- Hairspray (New Line Cinema)
    -- Seth Rogen -- Knocked Up (Universal Pictures)
    -- Jonah Hill -- Superbad (Sony Pictures)
    -- Michael Cera -- Superbad (Sony Pictures)
    -- Chris Brown -- This Christmas (Screen Gems)
    -- Nikki Blonsky -- Hairspray (New Line Cinema)
    -- Megan Fox -- Transformers (DreamWorks SKG/Paramount Pictures)
    -- Christopher Mintz-Plasse -- Superbad (Sony Pictures)

    -- Iron Man (Paramount Pictures/Marvel Entertainment)
    -- Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (Paramount Pictures/Lucas Films)
    -- Sex and the City: The Movie (New Line Cinema)
    -- Speed Racer (Warner Bros. Pictures)
    -- The Chronicles Of Narnia: Prince Caspian (Walt Disney Pictures/Walden Media)


    what the hell Zac Efron?! But yay for Johnny Depp! Best Kiss Step Up 2? Best Summer movie Iron Man? Hmm cant really say which is good. Cos they are all fairly good. Really subjective.


    Guess wad? =]

    Mtv gave us something to watch

    and im so glad cos its

    Twilight Exclusive: First Completed Scene

    Watch it now and here!

    Im impressed by the hotness.

    Told u, they are all perfect in their roles.


    That Cam guy who plays James is a hot villain.

    And of course Robert hu plays Edward =D

    Sunday, June 1, 2008
    Of Cold Hot Vampires 3:48 PM

    Hows your holiday? Its been one week.
    I feel empty...
    Its great to spend time with my family at home. Its been a long time since i had a long chat with my dearest sister, joke with my lil brother, have my mum and daddy to talk to and to smile to. It wont be long =\ went school reopens, it'll just be waking up early, school, homework, tuition, and homework...... And with those to make me go out of mind and i'll end up being fried by my mind for doing lotsa lotsa mistakes. Sigh, yea dats my life.
    Had a sleepover at Kerrine's place, together with Emelia, Diksha and Jamin. Emelia din stay long tho but we had much fun with her around =] Listening to them talking bout the oh-so hot Jonathan Ryce Meyers whose not really on my list xD Watched movies like 21, The Mexican, Made of Honor and Meet Joe Black. We hardly had any chats. Well me only Kerrine stayed up till 6am. Of craziness and pistachio nuts. Her maid was a lil furious tho. But thank you Kerrine for everything.
    Then the next day, Emelia went to the Malaysia Annual Chinese Book fest and the Canon SLR Camera fest at KLCC. After her trip, i went there with my sister. Damn the bookfest was soooo crowded. Heard that my sister's fren bought 29 books in 2 days. O.O I was checking out all the awesome and expensive art books when my sister bought a couple of chick lits. Camera fest was abit weird as the so called experts giving some slideshow talks. He was boring. But Thanks, Emelia. It was fun!
    That night, we had my
    parents Anniversary dinner + mothers' day dinner + fathers' day dinnner.
    We had seafood =D YUM!
    heehee... i dun have any photos.
    I havent watched Indy or Narnia until now. ==
    But i can see Skander Keynes getting hotter.
    Who's Skander Keynes?
    Well, he's Edmund from Narnia.
    =] Yes, jamin. I do agree with you!
    Stupid tags! But =D he's hot
    I finished Twilight and New Moon! =D
    Thank you, Diksha!
    Damn, i seriously cant wait for the stupid movie!!! No matter how bad i expect it will turn out to be. I still cant wait!! December..... sigh...
    Kristen Stewart is just perfect to take the role of Bella Swan.
    Simply, she just simply fits in!
    =] i like all her movies.
    And i really cant forget the frozen Kristen in Zathura =D

    Chris Brown has another catchy song, AGAIN. Yes i noe, Emelia. Ur gonna hate him AGAIN.
    Rihanna's Disturbia wasnt that good... one of her fast club hits.


    Babylon A.D. teaser trailer

    starring Vin Diesel and Michelle Yeoh

    Burn After Reading trailer

    starring Brad Pitt, John Malkovich and George Clooney

    Havent been drawing for years. =\
    Signing out!

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

    The Sketcher
    Image Hosted by


    Always in My Heart

    Lara Croft






    Mei Gwen


    Grace Lim








    Sam Chen



    Cheng Yee


    Sam Seah

    Su Yin




    Wei Jean


    Mdm Zabedah

    Kar Yee



    Mr Sai Mun


    Yew Wah

    Grace Lee




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