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    Sunday, February 22, 2009
    Sporty Season! 5:55 PM

    MSSMKL 2009 4x100m Videos
    Thank you, Evelyn!
    We din ask her to record it
    But she did because she noes shes awesome!

    Under 18 Girls 4x100m

    1st baton Yeoh Ee Wen
    2nd baton
    Pan Chern Li
    3rd baton
    Ong Pei Jean
    4th baton

    Result: 4th Place =D

    Under 15 Girls 4x100m

    Under 18 Boys 4x100m will be up soon.


    Can't wait for Basketball Match!

    yes, Avril and my Hush Puppy are watching over me =]

    I am loved!

    My awesome mummy back from Brisbane!

    And she brought back some awesome stressballs.

    I think u could guess which is mine

    Pssst, it's starts with a "B"

    i love stressballs!!


    Busy yet im constantly blogging the whole weekend

    sigh, bad siauwei bad girl!

    Signing out!

    All HOWARD Ever Wanted 11:28 AM

    All HOWARD Ever Wanted =D
    is "All I Ever Wanted" by Kelly Clarkson

    Yes, leaked like a thousand days earlier than the release date
    Woooh, but its real good!

    Of course its good with:
    ♠Kelly's powerful voice
    ♣Katy Perry's songwriting
    ○Kara Dioguardi's songwriting and producing
    ♥Ryan Tedder's songwriting and producing
    ◘ Dr Luke's songwriting and producing

    Now almost ALL of her songs are addictive and soothing in there

    Better check it out! Its a must-listen album,

    JUST LIKE Taylor Swift and Avril Lavigne's album xD

    So go check it out, guys!
    BUY the album if u can xD

    All I Ever Wanted by Kelly Clarkson

    click to download site


    Sorry for the brief post, peeps.

    Will update more when i have time.

    Basketball Tournament starts on Monday

    All the best, teammates! =D

    Signing out!

    Friday, February 20, 2009
    It's Gonna Be OK 10:13 PM

    Blogger aint letting me load pics!

    Ah well i was bored

    And i found this

    They are sooooo CUTE!!

    Lady Gaga Just Dance Acoustic Mix

    Friday, February 6, 2009
    Goodbye to Wave of Negativeness 9:17 PM

    Happy Day!
    I went rollerblading and jogging yesterday
    I feel fit and healthy


    The Long Awaited...

    Taylor Swift's White Horse Music Video

    Video synchronization its slightly out tho
    Will get better quality soon
    Damn, its so sad
    And i love her black coat
    That guy deserves a punch.


    Have you ever wondered,
    Who's gonna save the hero?
    After the hero saves the world?
    Beyonce's song just really made me wonder about this
    Maybe i shudnt think too much =\

    But check this out
    Her awesome Diva Glasses
    from her music video Diva

    It's just super cool okay?
    And special...

    But i wudnt wear it xD


    Hannah Montana movie will be out soon
    I just wana watch it for the songs
    And the appearance of Taylor Swift
    Plus, one of Miley's songs got leaked out
    Check it out, the lyrics are meaningful

    The Climb by Miley Cyrus
    [go download it urself xD]


    My sister is flying to Brisbane VERY SOON
    =[ I noe its a good thing but...
    I'll miss her alot

    No more heart to heart talk at night.

    Well unless i have a webcam sewed to my blanket


    I wish her the very best...

    And I shall do my best too

    To make my big sister proud =]



    Go watch it if u can.

    Its a show bout real life...
    And its sad.

    I cried and went n hugged my puppy after the show.

    Movies For next few Months

    Push Trailer

    I think the show is a bit like Heroes

    Starring Chris Evans hottie from Fantastic 4,

    Camilla Belle hottie from 10,000BC

    and Dakota Fanning

    [i guess she grew out of her whiny annoying screams]

    Race to the Witch Mountain Trailer

    Starring The Rock and the boy from The Seeker

    I don't think its a good movie but

    I guess its entertaining with a bit of humour

    Coraline Trailer

    Animation man!

    I really wana watch this

    From the creators of Nightmare Before Christmas

    I think its a bit creepy


    Damn that's a full dose of entertainment in one post

    Signing out

    Sunday, February 1, 2009
    It' So Condescending 7:48 PM

    How's ur loooong weekend man?
    After this, I'm gonna be super busy
    Are you gona be busy too?
    Well good luck then

    Let's see
    Im having running n bball practice this week
    Then next week its the MSSKL competition
    Plus school house practice
    Following up is the Jogathon on Valentines Day
    Then it'll be basketball tournament
    After all the fun and sports
    It's gonna be our first term exams!
    Gawd! Help me!


    Hey peeps,
    Meet Arcee!

    She's a female robot
    Damn, i can't wait for Transformer 2
    This motorbike is super cool!
    Xept for the hot pink colour though xD


    CNY is fading =\
    Well i mean ending soon
    Went to Johor and had a rather slow moving CNY
    But managed to bond with lil cousins.

    There! The Miss Goh Generation
    From the left,
    She's 31 years old [can't believe it rite?]
    See, ming! We cant be dat old at that age
    Then my sister 20 years old
    Me 17 years old
    Then there she's 15 years old
    And the youngest is 12 years old
    31, 20, 17, 15, 12
    I'm in middle again!

    After visiting my dad's side in Johor
    It's my mum's side
    The family full of straight-forwardness
    And cantonese sarcasm
    Gawd i love them!

    There's my uncle and auntie

    Promoting the restaurant in Pavilion

    Haha u can never talk to them without laughters

    And yes that's me
    In my weird green dress

    Don't u wana grab some juicy fruits with ice cream?

    Reunion in Year 2020
    Sounds great.
    Come on, just the 6 of us!
    It'll be super cool
    There are no such excuse like
    "What if i'm too posh n busy to meet u guys?"
    "I'm gona be oldd i duwana meet u guys!"
    We're gona be friends forever okay?


    Signing out!

    It's a hot S U M M E R . 12:55 PM

    It's a hot S U M M E R .

    Happy Sunday , peeps!
    What great day for a tan, isn't it? (well, at least over here it is.) Apparently it's scorching hot in Melbourne and Victoria. Thank god for air conditioning.
    So what did you get up to this sunny day?
    I decided to brush up on my nearly perfect blogging skills on this fine day.(*note the photo as an attempt to blend my post in with the rest of this blog*) Siau Wei has been kind enough to let me- well, 'guest post' on her blog until mine is sorted out. It's going to be kick-ass I tell ya. That is, when I finally decide to get off my lazy ass to actually work on it. School starts tomorrow for us down under, and I'm bringing both of my sister along with me. God help us all.


    No post is complete without Kelly Clarkson. Her new single,''My Life Would Suck Without You'' made history by jumping from #97 to #1 the next day , on the Billboard Top 100 charts! How cool is that? Kelly fan or not, you've got to admit that's impressive.
    Here's a the music video for the song.

    Kelly's fourth album,
    ''All I Ever Wanted'', will be out on the 10th of March.
    Produced by One Republic frontman, Ryan Tedder , It is said (by me!) to be her best album yet. Confirmed tracks include ''I Do Not Hook Up'' written by Katy Perry and the new Idol judge, Kara DioGuardi, ''Time Will Tell'' featuring fellow Idol contestant Daughtry , and ''Since We've Met'' featuring One Republic.
    Two Words guys.
    I can't wait for the album to come out.

    Okay I have run out of things to ramble about.
    Until next time, mates.
    Bangbang! You're dead.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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