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    Saturday, July 25, 2009
    100th Post 8:52 PM

    I dedicate of 1ooth post to these two awesome youtubers. ROck on!!!

    I Can't Wait 8:07 PM


    Avril Lavigne didn’t mean to start recording a new album. “It just happened,” she says of the still-untitled November 17th release. “I made a record without even feeling like I made a record.”

    Deryck Whibley, who has used the couple’s home studio to produce eight of the nine tracks she’s recorded so far. “I think this is taking the spirit of what she’s done on previous records so much further,” he says. “It’s way more meaningful, has more of an impact, more emotional. It makes me feel something more than the other stuff. And I wanted to match that musically with the track.”

    -It was a song snippet called “Black Star” — intended for her fragrance commercial — that launched the recording process back in November; Lavigne played that intro and two complete tracks for EW called “Everybody Hurts” and “Darlin’.” The first has a trademark Lavigne acoustic beginning, then explodes into a loud chorus of “Everybody hurts some days.”

    -"I always had material, but some people that I worked with didn’t really care, because they wanted to write the stuff,” she says, when asked why the tunes haven’t surfaced before.
    “Some people were just like, ‘Ah, whatever. You’re a little girl. What do you know?’ I know how this works. It’s my fourth record. It’s not rocket science. I think people doubted me before, and I’m finally just like, ‘I’m doing this.’”

    -The rapping/Toni Basil affliction that plagued 2007’s The Best Damn Thing has left her system, and she’s back to the emo-heavy strengths of her first two albums. “[Best Damn Thing] was intended to be fun, to be rockin’,” she explains. “All I had in my mind was my live show, running around on stage, getting the crowd involved.
    This record, I just really, really wanted to really wanted to sing. We started recording each song, some of them, just with acoustic guitar and the vocal and building it from there. It’s stripped down. I love performing that way, so I really felt like it was time to make a record like that. To just make it all about the vocal and the performance, and the vibe, and the emotion.”

    - She’s thinking about doing a theater tour in support of the new album, so she can bring that emotion directly to the audience. “I just wanna have silence around me, and have these acoustic songs and really deliver,” she says.

    - There’s more work to be done before the album release, but Lavigne doesn’t seem to be sweating it. “My new word right now is ‘balance,’” she says. “Work hard, play hard. Maybe that should be the album cover: Work Hard, Play Hard…Bitch.” With this, she cracks herself up again. “I swear to God I have not drank anything but green juice today,” she grins. “Why am I acting like this?” Part of it may be that the little sk8er girl is finally growing up, and feels comfortable — and demonstrably happy — making an album that reflects where she is in life right now. “I was always really honest in my lyrics,” she says, “I think more so when I was younger, and now it’s kind of come back to that. Just like, you know what? I’m not trying to write a perfect pop song. I’m just trying to write a song that’s honest right now, even if something sounds weird or a lyric might not make sense to someone."

    i cant stop jumping around!!

    Saturday, July 18, 2009
    The World Comes To Live 12:32 PM

    Back here for a while.
    What's up, guys?


    Having my sister with me at home is really fun
    I will miss her =\
    A lot has happened lately
    And it's still kinda boring in school
    My fortune telling in the previous post is coming true
    Next week onwards, we dont have anything else to think about
    But studies, studies, studies... i hope

    Was absent for some days
    NOT because i wana ponteng
    Something weird happened to my jaw
    I have no idea why
    There's a muscle tension at the ligament that helps move the mandible bone
    In another words, I can't move my jaw properly
    I can't open my mouth any wider than 1cm
    So yea, i've been sucking rice out of the spoon like a stupid vacuum cleaner
    I've been cutting meat into smaller pieces... how ladylike ==

    Despite my stupid semi-immovable jaw
    My mummy got me a new guitar
    And guess wad? Its CEDAR BLACK!!
    Yea, u'd probly go like "wth, black again?!"
    Haha, hu cares? i love it!
    Handmade in Canada Black Awesome Acoustic Guitar
    Let me google it...

    Yeap its this wan


    Cool songs you really can't miss!
    Check 'em out.
    Here's the equation

    Electrifying beats + Awesome voices = Can't Miss It

    Hold On by Cascada
    Draw the Line by Cascada
    Everytime I Hear Your Name by Cascada
    [just go check out her whole new album - Evacuate the Dancefloor]

    Strangers by Leona Lewis ft Ryan Tedder
    [Ryan the producer and Leona the diva]

    Ignorance by Paramore
    [Ignorance is your new best friend!]

    Emergency 911 by Jordin Sparks
    Walking On Snow by Jordin Sparks
    [Go download her new album - Battlefield]

    Sabotage by Kristina DeBarge
    [Second single for the new artist]

    Gift of A Friend by Demi Lovato
    *favourite song at the moment*
    Catch Me by Demi Lovato
    [Awesomest songs by Demi!]

    Already Gone by Kelly Clarkson
    [I told you this is a great song, its gona be her 3rd single]

    Imma Be by Black Eyed Peas
    [Cool and funny as usual]

    Open Happiness by Various Artist
    [Patrick from FOB, Brendan from Panic at the Disco and Travis from Gym Class Hero]

    it's for Coca-cola Campaign thingy, to make ppl smile =]



    I believe in the gift of a friend, do you?

    Signing out!

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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