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    Tuesday, April 28, 2009
    Music to Fill in Part of Your Life 8:43 PM

    Stressed out?

    Find some time to watch all these videos

    For entertainment, relaxation, have a good laugh, be amazed, enjoy the music, clap if u feel that its awesome, think about the meaning behind it

    Then get back to ur life with a different mindframe

    =] that's what music can do for us.

    Waking Up In Vegas by Katy Perry

    Never Say Never by The Fray

    Paparazzi Live Acoustic by Lady Gaga

    If Today Was Your Last Day by Nickelback

    I really love this Nickelback video. Awesome work.

    Kelly Clarkson's I Do Not Hook Up video is out too
    Too bad the perosn disabled embedding
    So here's the link if you still wana watch it.
    She looks pretty =]

    Signing out

    Sunday, April 19, 2009
    sEVENteen fORever 9:52 PM

    Sorry for the late update yo
    Couldn't really go online throughout the week

    So yea!
    18th of April was Sports Day
    Also my final sports day in my life =]

    As usual, my awesome family came and support me

    and Yellow House =D

    Without any delays...
    Here are the videos taken
    =] enjoy!

    Sports Day Rehearsal
    15th of April

    Sports Day
    18th of April
    Din get to record the 100m =[

    Yea yea... i screwed up in the end =\
    Im really sorry, guys!
    It's like from Gold to Zero.

    And so, I deserve this

    Let's look at my stupid fall one more time


    Pei Jean my awesome third baton runner
    Chern Li the terminator =]


    Gave Jamin her birthday presents after the sports.
    It took her so long to unwrap it. x]

    And my awesome first baton runner, Emelia capturing awesome photos =] as usual

    Candy!! Semangated Yellow House marcher.

    Kai Tyng, who was there with Chia Chea after the fall

    Pei Shen, looking cool =]

    Haha another photo with Sam Seah, strong competitor forever.
    Still friends tho xD

    That night
    My awesome parents took me out for my early birthday dinner
    At Saisaki restaurant
    A yummy japanese buffet restaurant

    Here's my awesome mummy

    And here's my awesome daddy

    Thank you very much!

    21st of April
    I turned 17 =]
    *sings Seventeen Forever by Metro Station*

    It was a memorable one.
    Thanks to all my awesome friends.

    Yea 34 of my freinds got me an Ipod Nano Chromatic

    Greyish Black colour is just cool
    Although most people prefer the rainbow colours.

    Jamin got me an awesome golden guitar-ish necklace.
    Cant really get a good photo of it
    But really, it looks damn cool
    Thanks alot!

    Kerrine got what i've always wanted
    A metal guitar pick necklace
    See that red dragon on it
    Cool huh?
    Thanks a bunch!

    Corliss! This is just so cool!
    Its a guitar popsical =]

    I din have time to make a flavoured one.
    So this is just ice.
    And it already looks so cool.
    Thanks yo!

    Thanks to everyone who wished me too! =]

    Love this pic yo! =]

    Signing out.

    Tuesday, April 14, 2009
    Viva Victory 9:11 PM














    Go Yellow!

    Even Avril supports Yellow. xD


    Saturday, April 11, 2009
    I'm Nobody's Fool 8:55 PM

    "Things happen for a reason,
    you'll become a stronger person.

    When life tears you up,
    then you'll understand.

    It's never easy but you know
    when you get there.
    As it tears you down,
    it builds you up"
    - Avril Lavigne's "Move Your Little Self On"

    Wednesday, April 8, 2009
    Run For Our Lives 10:03 PM

    Hey everyone
    Another week has just passed us by
    Well, wasnt a good week for me
    I was ill =\
    But hopefully, after this illness
    I'll be strong and fresh again
    For next week's Sports Day


    Man, i need to find time to do some sketchings
    Look at my blog
    It's called sketching-visions
    But it has more words than sketchings



    You're Not Sorry Live at ACM Awards
    Go Taylor Swift!
    I love her grand opening for her performance
    Her shadow looks cool in the magic lift!
    They were playing the You're Not Sorry CSI Remix =]
    Vocals abit out at some points
    Cool performance yo
    She's SO into the song.

    The Climb Live at ACM Awards

    This is probably Miley Cyrus' best single i can say
    And also her best live performance
    So far.... =] But aint dat good
    She looked pretty at the very beginning of the song
    But later as usual, she acted like a drunk singer

    "I Do Not Hook Up" is gonna be Kelly Clarkson's second single
    Love that song... co-written by Katy Perry
    So yea it has abit of Katy Perry elements in it


    The Aussies are coming this Saturday
    Can't wait to see them
    I'm sure its gona be a hell lot of fun

    Sports Day Rehearsal coming too
    Guess wad, I'm running a total of 1.2km on that day
    Let's seee how it turns out ok?
    Go Yellow House!

    Sports Day on Saturday
    And also Jamin's and Steph's bday
    Cant wait to see which house's gona win
    This year sure is fun
    PLus, its our final year.
    Whatever the results are
    We ppl with sportmanship will still have fun

    After that its the Stress Management Week
    I'm like the OC but i havent gotten the club to do anything yet
    But guys, I'm sure u'll learn something
    No matter how crapppy the week might turn out to be


    May next week be a better week for all
    Signing out

    Sunday, April 5, 2009
    Digital Life 2:19 PM

    Hows ur weekend?
    Mine was exhausting.
    I guess its Digital Animation for me
    Or maybe Illustration or Adertising Design
    It may not seem like a perfect path
    But i've decided to take a walk towards what i've always wanted
    Since young, I love to draw
    But I was a bit frustrated
    "Why can't my drawings move or come alive?"
    So I started drawing comics in primary school
    To make my drawings seem like they're moving
    Then Animation became the answer
    As i started watching animated cartoon movies
    And playing high definition video games
    Not for entertainment
    But to be awed by the fine creation
    Detailed graphics
    And realistic motions

    Yes, i was a bit conflicted bout this before
    Science or Art huh?
    After some mind-clearing yesterday
    And looking at some books
    I realised i tend to only look at books like
    Graphics, Ideas, Innovation, Multimedia, Creativity
    I smiled. =]

    "Once in a while, you get shown the light, in the strangest of places, if you look at it right"
    - Scarlet Begonias from The Grateful Dead


    I hate having a downtime

    Realising i'm down makes me feel worse
    Wake up man!
    Gotta be strong

    Signing out

    Friday, April 3, 2009
    The Rhythm's Calling You 7:58 PM


    It's awesome sometimes
    Spending time alone
    It's simple
    I kinda enjoy it
    A simple gesture
    Can melt anyone's hearts
    Like a hug, a peck, a smile
    A gift can be simple too
    Like a simple card
    An outing can be simple
    Hanging out on the streets of no where
    Lotsa simple things to do in life
    But people just cant stop wanting to be fabulous

    A simple life
    I wish I could force myself to want that
    But sometimes I just love extraordinary
    I guess I've decided to
    Have the simple things
    Do the extraordinary

    I went to KLCC earlier than I planned
    So i hung out alone in the mall
    Peaceful i can say
    I managed to clear my mind abit
    Stopped by at Kinokuniya
    Got a customer service girl to unwrap a book
    Entitled "Ideas Spotting" for me
    My mind started to stretch out
    To the furthest i could
    Relaxing with creativity
    It was better than meditating

    After that
    It was exhausting
    For i have to "orphansit" the orphans
    Along with a few Outreachers
    Had to catch up with the hyper kids
    And make sure they dun get lost

    Wooh.. hell of a work
    Glad to have Chern and Sha though
    My sarcastic little teacher


    So hooked on Kat Deluna's "Calling You"

    Obstacle makes people become stronger
    I dun have any obstacles
    I dont have lightning crushing down on my roof
    I dont have a deadly pile of work which i wont be able to finish
    I dont have a broken family and a chaotic home
    I dont have a broken leg or a blind eye
    I dont have a poor family or a dangerous lifestlye
    I need my own motivation
    and inspiration


    You Belong With Me will be Taylor's next official single =]
    Cant wait for the video now yo!
    Look out for it soon!

    "The best competitor is the one who maintains composure in the face of adversity. "
    I wana win during Sports Day.

    Sometimes the most obvious light in the dark is not the right path.
    So, listen to your


    Blackstar Perfume

    Avril's latest project officially launched

    Cute mannequins at the launching event

    Way the go, Avril! =D


    Signing out

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

    The Sketcher
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    Always in My Heart

    Lara Croft






    Mei Gwen


    Grace Lim








    Sam Chen



    Cheng Yee


    Sam Seah

    Su Yin




    Wei Jean


    Mdm Zabedah

    Kar Yee



    Mr Sai Mun


    Yew Wah

    Grace Lee




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