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    Saturday, April 26, 2008
    A Week's update 9:06 PM

    Science Night on Friday.
    Awesome night with frens.
    Great day too.
    Ntg much to report here.
    Exams coming prepare to go for another war.


    Went to Diksha's house, and this is wad they were doing.
    Gossip Girls addicts.
    "AWESOMEEEEE the gossip girls are figthing again!" xD

    And yea... with kerrine the camwhore =D

    I love this pic, u noe why cos firstly shes emelia the icedmilo!! Secondly she looks cool as usual =]

    Yeap our Outreach[Walls ice cream] collar pin.

    This cacated painting i did during art lesson in 1hour! 1 hour man!


    The Long awaited video... premiered on Friday.
    Take A Bow by Rihanna

    Not a favourable hairstyle. Atleast this video wasnt like all her other videos. Kinda boring tho..

    Say (All I Need) by One Republic

    This video is waaaaaay better. =] loving the song.


    I wana thank everybody for giving me a lovely birthday to remember.

    especially the one who bought this.
    ...and these too =]

    And of course its alright if u din get me any presents.

    I still love u and ur still my fren ^^

    Actually i dun really expect presents from any of u.

    But thanks alot!


    Yay... cant wait for Narnia! 15th of May!!!

    Here's a trailer of a comedy called College. Another disgusting movie like American Pie


    signing out. i wont be updating much these days.

    Tuesday, April 22, 2008
    8:03 PM

    I seriously have no time to post anything as im not allowed to use the comp.


    Remember i said no recording for medley in the previous post? Well i was lying xD

    Here u can find Guys Form 4 running 100m and 4x100m and also medley.

    Credits to Emelia and her family.

    Enjoy =]

    Btw, Zhuo Wei and Azim DID NOT win the 400m race. They fell in front of the finishing line. Quite sad tho... so yea dun be confused.


    signing out

    Sunday, April 20, 2008
    Sports Day 4:02 PM

    Sports Day yesterday, was raining... 100m and 200m sprinters were soaked but we looked cool and pro. xD

    Congrats to BLUE house =]

    Next year's our final year... we shall give ourselves one last try!

    My performance was sucky on the day. Guess its cos i din train hard enough and i din have much will as i had last year. Congrats to winners =] U guys were awesome.

    Here's the video all the form 4 girls have been waiting for =]

    Sorry.... no recording for Medley.

    Well the four of us sure make a good team. =D

    We were super happy. Its our second year getting gold for 4x100m

    Yeah man!

    1st baton Emelia, 2nd baton Alyssa Rachel, 3rd baton Pei Jean, 4th baton me!

    Yellow and Green pairs.

    Our lovely medals.




    signing out

    Friday, April 18, 2008
    400m Boys Form 4 10:39 PM

    Special post for the 400m Boys Form 4 on Sports Day Rehearsal.

    While enjoying the race, you can hear the following conversations and screaming and shoutings. Kinda random and funny xD Diksha, u noe, ur loud haha...

    Diksha: Melvin, wad are u running?

    Melvin: errr...200

    Zhuo Weiiii Go zhuo Wei!


    Look at that!!

    Sam Chen: ew, go melvyn i love you....?

    Emelia: Is dat a love confession?

    Melvin: oh Qin xian last qin xian last!

    Julia: go zhuo wei zhuo wei zhuo wei!

    Melvin: wilsonnnnn

    Diksha: Goo wilson!!

    Siau Wei: Go zhuo wei!!

    Emelia: Go Melvyn!

    Diksha: Go Ryan!

    Siau Wei: eh melvyn behind!

    Diksha: go away melvyn shooooo!!

    Emelia: which melvyn/melvin?

    Siau Wei: yay melvyn yay zhuo wei!

    Most of the ppl: NONONONONONO!!!

    Sam Chen: Aziiiiiiiiiiiiimmm

    Diksha: Go Ryan! Go gogogogo

    Melvin: wow go azim azim azim!

    Emelia: zhuo wei FASTER!

    Siau Wei: go zhuo wei goooooooooooooooooo

    Julia: aaaahhh

    Siau Wei: nooooooooo

    Melvin: oh no ahahahhah

    Emelia: [giggles]

    Sam Chen: wha- nonohohononhonohono...

    *Credits to Emelia for recording it and to meeee for bringing the camcorder xD. more to come for sports day =D thanks for watching.

    Thursday, April 17, 2008
    What Title?! 10:25 PM

    Fun, busy and tiring day... Kerrine and I are getting worse and worse xD


    Happy Birthday, Jamin and Steph. =] both of u were born like around 10am, coincidence.

    Yay, we had a successful foodsale for 2 days. =] Outreach Club's foodsale is selling WAY better than the PBSM xD.... no offence of course. Much fun and work.


    Kristy Lee Cook. OUT SHE GOES! Finally...


    I love this night. Their mentor was Mariah Carey, and Mariah's old songs are kinda nice.

    Carly Smithson sang "Without You". xD kinda reminds me of Ken Lee.... lol.

    David Archuleta sang "When You Believe", very nicely. BUT.... he didnt sing the chorus himself, i mean he had backup singers singing for him, and he's just adding notes and words to it dats all.

    David Cook did a great job with the song "Always Be My Baby" and Simon complimented him alot, and even congratulated him!

    Brooke White really gotta go man... she spoiled the song "Hero".
    Lol... "No, no the meat was in the bun!" i laughed like hell xD

    I still think Jason Castro looks like a girl.


    "It's like buying a burger, but only getting the bun." - Simon Cowell


    18th of April, besides Jamin and Steph's bday...

    I also rmb it be the day when Pathology will be premiered! =D

    Pathology Trailer

    Milo is really hot and cool here. I hope i can watch it soon. Love the concept. =]

    Lakeview Terrace Trailer

    Starring Samuel L. Jackson.... oways has an annoying role cos he does it well. This one is another thriller, looks unpredictable, hope its good.


    Tomorrow's SPORTS DAY.

    I shall pray hard so dat everything will go well and fairly tomorrow. Hope nobody will get hurt or sumting.

    Go Yellow! =DGood Luck , Everyone! Don't worry =]

    "Breast the tape" - Mdm Susan Lee

    "If you lose yourself, courage soon will follow so be strong tonight... remember who you are." - Bryan Adams


    No time to draw nowadays... =\ owell i'll post some drawings next time. Singing out!

    Tuesday, April 15, 2008
    Run! 8:09 PM

    Short post for the day. As sports day's coming. Competing for 400m tmr.
    Good luck, everyone!


    Calm down and be smart. Be fast.

    Yeah man! It's mine.

    To all athletes, best of luck. =]

    I will be...

    every stride, every sprint.

    Never give up.

    Win or lose. It's just a race. =]

    signing out. =D

    Saturday, April 12, 2008
    Shorter post xD 5:36 PM

    Short post, as today is a busy but boring day...
    "Oh no... my trademark pistol!!" - Lara Croft [Tomb Raider]
    sorry... im just bored..

    Kiss me beneath the milky twilight
    Lead me, out on the moonlit floor
    Lift your open hand,
    Strike up the band and make the fireflies dance
    Silver moon's sparkling,
    So kiss me.

    I'm hungry. Extra cheeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeese! =DI just realised i love all the fruits =D I dun hate any fruits but durian is just my least favourite, still edible and tasty sumtimes. So yeahh wads my favourite fruit? All of them are xD


    Twilight update!

    Why isit coming out only on November? owell, good thing is i will have enough time to finish the book on time.

    Behind the Scenes of Twilight

    Awesome effect. Aww Robert and Kristen sweet moment.

    Upcoming movie Ice Age 3: Dawn of the Dinosaurs

    Yay! Dinosaurs =]


    Guitar picks are one of the coolest tools rite?

    I want a cool pick =]

    A pick made into a necklace is even cooler!

    Giving picks to guests on wedding day is totally awesome!


    Signing out!

    Friday, April 11, 2008
    Brief post of the Day 6:29 PM

    I dun have much to say today...


    We, OUTREACH CLUB members finally got our very own shirt. Good news is my designs of the shirt stays xD but they are not exactly like the one i drew, well ntg's perfect.
    Bad news is the logo and the freaking colour of the shirt.... We end up looking like an "ice-cream nurse" see the shirt for urself and u'll noe wad i mean.

    Our "awesome" logo, look familiar huh? A copy of Walls Ice-cream logo! really "original"!!

    No! Its not Orc, its O.R.C. = Out Reach Club! haha one of my desgins, but dat lil man is supposed to really reach out for the heart. Not like this hopping with a heart floating by his side or something.

    And yeah, this is my design for the shirt too.... It came out not quite badly.. =\ but the color behind it really spoils it.

    Interactors love our shirt o.o what shud i say? erm... thank you?

    Moving on, went for Leo's I.R. Day IN the new club shirt. Gosh we were actually forgotten! lol Really awesome performance of Romeo and Juliet... lol Sarah Tan shud get the best supporting actress as a... erm nurse... lol

    Rock on, Sarah!

    "O-M-G, She's D-E-A-D dead!!!!" - Sarah Tan


    Okay... as i have promised Kerrine of the song posts. Here they are... Some are old songs and some are new, but still nice =] click to download.

    Crushcrushcrush - Paramore

    Reposts [some nice ones u mite have missed in my previous posts]:

    That's all now, Kerrine... there's like more than 10 songs here O.O

    Anyway, i ... i cant.. I CANT BELIEVE IT!

    Guess who got voted off American Idol lately?

    It's Kristy Lee Cook!! woohoo

    YEA RITE LA! ==

    sad to say, its Michael Johns!!

    grrr.... of all people like Kristy Lee Cook and Brook White, why him man?! Michael Johns has this great voice and he desrves to stay till Syesha, Kristy, Brook and David Cook are gone. Its my opinion la....

    Dream On (Aeromsmith cover) Live - Michael Johns

    His performance was fantastic! He has this super strong voice. Oh well, maybe after this he will still continue to be a star =]

    Looks like David Archuleta is gonna win it... =] cute little boy but not my favourite. If he does win, i hope he will stay strong like Kelly Clarkson, but i kinda doubt it tho... no offence.


    Wow, we noe ur hungry, but u dun have to run to the canteen like dat xD


    signing out!

    Tuesday, April 8, 2008
    Updated! 8:13 PM

    Wow 4 days without updates....


    WE'RE JINXED!! Well everyone knows it already.... the rain will only fall when the innocent form 4s wanna go out and have some fun, some fresh air....

    During computer class, Mdm Piriya on the programme and asked us to answer
    Question: Fill in the blank

    The computer does not understand ________.

    Chou Yun's answer: crap

    Well he really typed it in xD Whole class was laughing like hell

    Tug-of-war today!! Yellow House macho men were being so heroic! We got 2nd! =D Not bad since we used to end up last all the time. Go Joshua, Sek Hoong and Zhuo Wei!

    Oh and guess wad, all yellow house ppl had to cheer "banaNA!" lol... it really did work, they won all d matches we shouted "banaNA" .... they lost the last two because we changed to "1, 2, pull!"

    Current scores:
    Blue - 152
    Yellow - 122
    Green - 99
    Red - 56

    30 more points for Yellow to catch up! haha... dun kill me xD Nway,
    Go every House! i mean, be motivated abit la =] ntg's impossible lol...

    Have you ever realised dat birds or some other animals are kinda.. erm perasan?

    I mean i was walking back home when i saw a pigeon in front of me... i wasnt even thinking of disturbing it, or attacking it or even asking it to move, when i walked pass, it glared at me and flew off very quickly, as if im some vicious predator... wth?! lol is this perasan or paranoid? jeeez


    Kerrine requested for some songs. So i nid some time to get them all uploaded. They'll be probly up in d next post =]

    Simple Plan's video premiered on Tuesday

    You Love Is A Lie by Simple Plan

    The setting reminds me of Avril's Don't Tell Me and Michelle Branch's Everywhere... It does rite? But wads wif the naked girl and d guy... urghhh

    Sara Bareilles - Bottle It Up

    lol... the way she looked at the piano in the beginning


    Twilight fans! Here are some picture updates if u havent seen them already. NOT the cheesy promotional photoshoots.

    Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart [ hot + hot = sizzle!]

    They were on the set of the car accident scene. Look at them! They look sweet together.


    Its been a long time since i posted some commercials.... Lets get cheered up again!

    Thai Bank Commercial

    Thai Toothpaste Commercial


    Thats all for now! Signing out!

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

    The Sketcher
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    Always in My Heart

    Lara Croft






    Mei Gwen


    Grace Lim








    Sam Chen



    Cheng Yee


    Sam Seah

    Su Yin




    Wei Jean


    Mdm Zabedah

    Kar Yee



    Mr Sai Mun


    Yew Wah

    Grace Lee




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