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    Thursday, July 31, 2008
    Half Bloody Prince 9:47 PM

    Check it out now!

    Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince Trailer


    Tuesday, July 29, 2008
    You're Hot and You're Cold! 5:33 PM

    Wooooooh! =D


    1. Poor Fishie but it was Cool!
    "Joshua!!!! I heard u poke poke poke the eye! So zalim of you!" -Mdm Zabedah
    Yes we had dissection for Bio class.

    Ms Teng: I need the meanest person to come n do this. Joshua! Come!
    Joshua: Huh? *grabs a penknife*
    Ms Teng: Kill the fish, slam the head.
    Joshua: Ok. *stabs the fish in the eye*
    Ms Teng: Noooo... grab the tail and slam d head to the tray!
    Joshua: Ok. *holds the fish's tail. Tail slipped. Fish flips from left to right and right to left*
    Girls: *screeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaam*

    2. Poor Henry but it was Hot!
    "Chia Chea's pencilcase!! Chia Chea's pencilcase on fire!!!!" - Kerrine
    "There was fire in the Chemistry lab! Like vhhrrooommm!" - Emelia
    o.O Will u believe them?
    Well it's true.
    Apparently, the gas on the other opening was left opened.
    So the fire spread across the table.
    Burning Chia Chea's pencilcase. Her ruler melted.
    And i hrd Henry got burnt a bit on his arm n his face.
    Hope he's okay.

    3. 4L Tilapia Party!
    Yeap.. Jasjeet brought a gigantic Ikan Tilapia
    As big as an icebox.
    But we din dissect it.
    So they let Uncle Jimmy cook it in the canteen.
    =D And there you go.
    We had a huge fish for lunch.
    Thanks Jasjeet and Uncle Jimmy!

    1. Remember Marion Raven?
    Its been a long time.
    Hope she has a comeback.
    Love this song.
    Better check it out if u havent already.

    2. Paramore awesome band huh?
    Riot! was out quite some time ago.
    Still love the songs.
    Check 'em out if u havent oredi.

    I love "We Are Broken". Wadda bout u?

    1. Newbie Curtis Peoples. Not bad.
    Sounds abit like 3 Doors Down
    abit like David Cook

    2. Jonas Brothers new song.
    I hate their voices

    3. Francesca Battistelli
    wooh long name.
    Not bad... nice voice.
    Song genre abit like Sara Barreilles

    There are a few in the previous post.
    Check 'em out.
    I like "Rehab" and "Little Miss Obssessive"
    Here are some more.

    They arent dat awesome.
    Though this Duffy single was better than the previous one.
    Actually i hate this Katherine's single.

    These lines been stuck in my head the whole day.
    "It's a thief in the night
    To come and grab you
    It can creep up inside you
    And consume you
    A disease of the mind
    It can control you"
    -Disturbia by Rihanna


    Have you ever wonder...
    What will happen if....
    Someone hypnotizes someone to hypnotize him back?

    Haha it'll be hilarious.


    Signing out.

    Saturday, July 26, 2008
    Tagged 5:08 PM

    Tagged by my dear sister, Alexa.
    Answer the questions below, do a Google Image search with your answer, take a picture from the first page of results, and do it with minimal words of explanation
    Tag 5 other people to do the same once you’ve finished answering every question.

    1. The age you’ll be on your next birthday: Fine.. fine..
    I am sixteen going on seventeen

    2. A place you’d like to travel to:
    Machu Picchu! Lost City of Inca
    3. Your favourite place:
    Bed =]
    4. Your favourite food:
    Cheese baked seafood!! like Lobsters and crabs =P

    5. Your favourite pet:
    Baby Siberian Husky =D
    I dun mind the big wan too

    6. Your favourite colour combination:
    Black and white. Simple and nice.
    7. Your favourite piece of clothing:
    Hoodies of course!!
    The blue zebra striped hoodie =DArmy hoodie!

    8. Your all-time favourite song:
    Haha all of her songs =]
    9. Your favourite TV show:
    10. First name of your significant other/crush:
    From Convenant and 10,000BC

    11. The town in which you live:
    Kay Elle

    12. Your screen name/nickname:
    Yesss i sketch my own life. So does everyone else.

    13. Your first job:
    Guitar Player?! Lol crazy..
    14. Your dream job:
    Famous Artist/Animator/Wadeva Artistic
    15. A bad habit you have:

    16. Your worst fear:
    17. The one thing you’d like to do before you die:

    I'll try my best to say bye to everyone =]


    I'm tagging...

    Emelia, Howard, Kerrine, Diksha and Jamin

    Thursday, July 24, 2008
    Bum bum be-dum 10:03 PM

    I hear the cricket's melody! =D

    Speaking of crickets.
    Xian Wei's afraid of the little bugs!
    Tsk tsk.
    Poor guy bullied by the whole class.


    Anwyway, i guess u guys have hrd the song
    Disturbia by Rihanna already.
    Awesome song huh?
    Have u checked out the music video
    Which was out lately.
    Check it out now if u havent.

    Disturbia by Rihanna

    Its awesome.
    I love it.
    It's freaky.
    It'll be the only Rihanna video i like i guess.
    "Bum bum be-dum bum bum be-dum bum"


    Treasure hunt's tomorrow!
    I wana win some treasure =]
    Good luck ppl and have fun.

    And to the Monitors/Asst. Monitors
    Have fun camping =]


    Oooooh i got a few songs here.
    They arent new though.
    Some of them are kinda old.

    really upbeat. The music sounds a bit paramore-ish

    not bad. kinda common.

    its okay. quite repetitive. common song
    NEW stuff here
    Jordan Pruitt has a new album!
    You know who's she rite?
    In one of a long post full of songs.
    I posted up a happy song by her
    "One Love"

    Her song lyrics are kinda cliche.
    But overall its not bad.
    More to come. The upcoming singles.


    Someday i'll find my Mr. Cool =]

    Had dat song on my mind xD


    Signing out. =]

    Wednesday, July 23, 2008
    Peace 9:50 PM

    My widely used phrase
    "Don't care la..."


    This is going overboard.
    Its outrageous.
    Stop it people.

    Its best to stay neutral.
    When nobody's right.
    Stay cool people.

    Come on.
    Have some tolerance.
    And learn to give some privacy.
    Forgive people.
    Forget wadeva they've ever done wrong.
    Be friends.
    Or at least not be enemies.
    Never hold grudges.
    It'll only end up like
    wad Katherine Heigl did
    to her dear sister
    in "27 Dresses"

    Its good to be open.
    Its good to be straightforward.
    Its good to be honest.
    Don't go too far.

    Yes, I shall shut up now
    and end tis with an apology.


    Some songs to share here

    Adia (live) by Avril Lavigne

    Awesome live song.

    Murder She Wrote by Trey Songz

    Its not that great. Just catchy.

    i like the way he sang bout the guns

    Hard to Let You Go by Colby O' Donis

    Not a bad one. Catchy. Nice beat.


    Signing out

    Tuesday, July 22, 2008
    Where is the love? 6:34 PM

    What's wrong with the world??

    New Twilight trailer

    "I'm only afraid of losing you"


    Leo Club had a Sugar Rush Food Sale.

    Man.... u can really get diabetes from it.

    Cotton candy, marshmallows, sweets, cookies.


    Whenever how many times you look back at the steps u've taken
    There are always more ahead
    Looking back only makes u feel like falling.
    So STOP living in the past.
    Wahooo! Let's be happy. =D

    For everyone has his or her own rights.


    For yourself.


    Signing out.

    Friday, July 18, 2008
    Boring post 5:28 PM

    Concert's over.

    wooooh... wad's next?



    Check it out!!

    Kohl's official commercial

    with Avril. Lenny, Plain Whit T's and Vanessa Carlton in it!

    Awesome!! i love it


    Some new songs....

    Yes Pink's back. =] Here's one of her songs.
    Can't Help It by Pink

    Kristy's new song. Not bad
    15 Minutes of Shame by Kristy Lee Cook

    Common song from Lily Allen
    Who'd of Known by Lily Allen

    I like the beat of this song
    Leftovers by Girlicious

    Ahh another one from Chris Brown
    Fatal Attraction by Chris Brown

    Miley's album's out. It sucks...


    Don't worry, alex and mg!

    We're about to reply your letter =D

    Very sooooon.


    Maaaaan... my blog's getting so boring.

    ntg much going on these days.

    i duwana go back to school! ><


    Signing out. Will come back with a better post.

    Tuesday, July 15, 2008
    40th Post 9:58 PM

    *Wink* Ur dead

    I'll be going there with my sister and Emelia. =]


    Yes yes yes! P!NK'S coming back!
    I'll be posting up her songs when i get the full ones.

    I have a few songs here. Click to download.

    Ace Young released his latest album lately, Ace Young
    I've checked it out, they r all quite common.
    The best song i find in the album is

    Next, i found this song sumwhere.
    Not bad... i tink its kinda old tho

    Saving the best for the last! =D
    Guess wad?
    Avril Lavigne + Lenny Kravitz + Vanessa Carlton + Plain White T's
    did an awesome cover!! Check it out NOW


    Talking bout Love Revolution.

    Its a collaberation of the artists which are in cooperation with Kohl's store

    Check out Kohl's here

    They are...

    Awesome huh?

    New music videos

    What About Now by Daughtry

    Inspiring video.

    Wake Up Call by Hayden Pannettiere

    Ew... but i like the black hoodie.


    Twilight Promo Clip



    Signing out!

    Sunday, July 13, 2008
    The Best Damn Tour in KL 8:53 PM

    Mark ur calendars people!
    Cause the BEST DAMN AVRIL'S coming to town!
    Venue: Stadium Merdeka
    Keep ur eyes wide open for ticket sales now.
    Cause its on already..
    Man, i cant wait!

    Saturday, July 12, 2008
    Strong As You Are... 12:30 PM

    my friend
    You're the strongest person I've ever met.


    Sarah Tan update.

    She did a cover of "The Call" by Regina Spektor

    Not bad. Haha the fan...


    Awesome new Twilight picture

    I like her dress.

    Show u some of the awesome arts.

    This is a tattoo design. Cool huh?

    And look at her! All she had was a whiteboard marker pen.

    Nope this aint a photograph. Some genius drew it.




    Signing out.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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