Tuesday, April 1, 2008
Cool Day 5:21 PM

Really, today's really cool. Evrything went smoothly and well, except for the fact that it rained AGAIN....until im not gona blog about it anymore.

A Day In A Life with 4L....

No games rite? But guess wad, we have drama in 4L xD


Ms Leong steps into the class gazing at every single 4L students, waiting for everybody to settle down. Instructing Hui Ee to lock the doors, she begin to speak.

Leong: First i want to tell u guys, when u talk among urselves, pleaaaase pleaase be aware of ur surroundings, don't go complaining about a teacher and let other teachers hear it. If u wana complain about a teacher, just complain it to ur frens or to me.

4L: Ooh hu's dat, mdm??

Leong: Im not gona say it but this morning when i was eating in d canteen, the teacher hu overheard came and sat rite in front of me and started telling me about it.

Jun Chuen: Hu's dat teacher? How does she noe?

Leong: I din say its a "she"! But anyway, that teacher then asked me whther i will talk to her about it.

Calvin: Then wad u say?

Leong: I said i duwana talk to her....

4L: Ohhhhhh!!!

Leong: Its not like i duwan to, its i dunno how to tell her -

Kok Jin: AHA! ITS A "HER"!

4L : Oooooo!!!! It must be Ms Teng!

Leong: [hid her face with embarrasment]

Leong: Ok, secondly i wana warn u guys, IF u have a boyfren or a grilfren in this school, and its okay if u wan to be together in the school, but pleaaaaase don't be alone with him/her.... Get some frens la, dun make it so obvious! Cos if u get caught, u'll be suspended like the previous case.

Calvin: For how long?

Leong: 2 weeks...

Calvin: Cheh........

Leong: Ok just be careful yea. I duwan other teachers to come n tell me dat this this this student from 4L is with another student. If i catch you, u watch out!

Jasjeet: What if its two boys alone?

Leong: O.O if... if its two boys i wont do anything but slap them both.

4L: [laugh]

Kok Jin: But, mdm... I dun ahve girlfren la, but sumtimes i have like girls with me.... Like sumtimes no guys, but there r like 4 girls around me..

Leong: O.O Are you complaining dat u have too many girls?

4L: [LOL]

Leong: As long as ur not alone with a girl can ady...

Calvin: Mdm, since there are like so many girls around Kok Jin, let Kok Jin become a girl too la!

Leong: Him? A girl? Duwan la, so wasted, he's so handsome!

4L: Ooooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!

Leong: Ok i wana noe honestly, hu here has a "special" fren in the skool?

4L: [chattering and ignoring the question]

Jun Chuen: XIAN WEI!!!!

Xian Wei: [turns red]

Leong: Whaaat????

Calvin: Yeaaahhh, with Jon Yeoh! Xian Wei oways touches him alot!

Leong: o.o

Xian Wei: Well, he likes it!

Leong: O.O

4L: [LOL!!!]

Leong: Really ar?? What class is he? [jumps down from her position of sitting on the table]

4L: C class....

Leong: [stomps out of the class] I want one boy and one girl to come with me, ok Russell and Pei Shen!

4L: [getting all excited]

after a few minutes...

Leong: [stomps back into the class with Russell and Pei Shen leaving Jon outside]

4L: Hi, Jon!!!!!

Jon: Whaaaat??? o.O

Leong: Okay lastly! If u wana copy ur homework, be smart la. Make sure u noe wad ur copying. As for essays and karangan, when u copy, pleaaase dun copy exactly la, at least change the ayat pasif to ayat aktif!

LOL... cant believe she actually encourages us to talk bad about teachers, couple and copy homework! lol


Guess wad guess wad?? If u actually watched the preview of the Best Damn Thing video on Howard's blog [again] ... U mite be wondering whether if the clips are from the original video... Well Avril said its yes when our fansite admin asked her after one of her coolest shows.

Her reaction when asked whats the video's gonna be like was like " ISN'T IT OUT YET???" Well, not yet.. haha... so, since she approved it a week ago, its gona be around soon!

And guess wad, she wrote a message for us the AvrilBandaids! How sweet... Look!!! xD

Anway, remember i posted the Paramore latest video That's What You Get? haha here's an animated gif of my favourite part - her sticking out her tongue! =D cute!



Movies movies!
WARNING: 1st trailer = total comedy 2nd trailer = total horror

The Love Guru

Release date: 20 June 2008
Starring: Justin Timberlake, Jessica Alba, Mike Myers, Jessica Simpson, Ben Kingsley

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Haha.. sounds funny! Plus, so many cool stars are in it! Remember Mike Myers from Austin Powers? haha.. its him again! and of cos the hot actress of all time, Jessica Alba!

The Strangers

Release date: 30 May 2008
Starring: Liv Tyler, Scott Speedman

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Awesome! awesome! I wana watch it!You know why? Liv Tyler is starred in the movie! woohoo... she's the Elf form Lord of the Rings if u dunno. =D
Nothing much to post about for my cool day x] Signing out to go and prepare my oral for tmr! ><

Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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