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    Friday, May 29, 2009
    No Fate 2:31 PM

    GOSH!! What a long break for my poor blog.
    I had no choice cos was having exams
    But now Midterm is finally over!!!
    Again, the weird me cant wait to see my results
    Cant wait to see how bad i've done.


    Thanks to exam, i missed out alot on the new singles

    Is "I'd Come For You" the new single for Nickelback
    or is it "If Today Was Your Last Day"?
    Is Lady Gaga releasing "Paparazzi" as her 3rd single
    or isit "Love Game"?
    No idea yo.... But then i did check out some songs right before exams
    x] "Battlefield" and "No Boundaries" are just great.
    Ryan Tedder has done it again =]
    Kara Dioguardi too.
    Love their composing/producing.
    Oh and did you know that Leighton Meester [Gossip Girl] sings?
    Haha go check out her collaboration with Cobra Starship
    called "Good Girls Go Bad".
    Its awesome man..
    Again, thanks to Kara Dioguardi's composing and producing.


    So how was exam?
    Bet nobody wants to talk about it
    Since its over rite?
    But aahh.... its has the SPM feel
    Cos we're all sitting in the hall.
    Bright lights, glossy floor
    The moment i sat down at my place
    I thought "This is where i'm gonna take my SPM"

    Overall exam was quite okay.
    Wasn't really prepared.
    Wasn't really unprepared.
    Well as usual, carelessness comes first.
    Cos i tend to rush through the whole paper.
    My dying subject = Chemistry T.T
    I tink i'm gonna fail it this time.


    So yea, exams are over!
    Havent been playing my guitar for a long time
    I have to practise more =\
    Oh and guess wad??
    I've watched


    If you hate explosions, shootings, robots and futuristic things
    I suggest to you not to watch it

    If you havent watched the previous 3 movies
    or at least the first movie
    I suggest you to do so

    Because this movie is BEYOND AWESOME
    ONLY if you understand the entire story
    I'm so in love in the plot

    John Connor rocks!
    John Connor (toddler)

    John Connor (10 years old)

    John Connor (19 years old)

    John Connor (33 years old)

    John Connor (44 years old)

    Well, I hope there will be a next movie for this series.

    As you see, Terminator: Salvation took place before John Connor got that scar on his face and the movie ended with him and his wounded face. So yea, i bet they will replace the 44 years old John Connor (duh!) which was filmed in the first movie. But i gotta tell ya, if the next movie comes out, it's gonna be all about Kyle Reese and John Connor. aaah =D

    My 2nd favourite character

    Kyle Reese (Year 2018)

    Kyle Reese ( Year 2029)

    Not bad huh? Both actors look really alike. Im so glad. Kyle is a really interesting character. In like Year 2029, he was sent by John to Year 1984 to protect John's mother. And somehow he just fell in love with the mother and ended up having John. I guess John knew but he did not tell Kyle that he's his father before sending him back to the past.

    The only character i was quite disappointed with was Kate Brewster

    Kate Brewster (Year 2004)

    Kate Brewster (Year 2018)

    You see, I prefer the Year 2004 Kate Brewster. Its ok if they wanna change the actress, but come on, get someone who looks like Claire Danes la. It'll be nicer like John Connor and Kyle Reese, different actors but they have slight similarities. This new actress who was starred in Spiderman doesnt look tough like the previous one.


    So yea, if you're a huge fan of the Terminator movie series like me

    Go watch it now!


    Anyway it was teacher's day celebration today
    Weird day
    But it was good cos i got to spend time with my Emelia =]
    I'm gona miss her really really much.
    But i know she'll miss some of us more.

    Haih, my little friend who i got to know since Form 2.
    x] athletics, basketball, chinese class
    The fun moments and also the down ones.
    I'll remember always.
    I'm positive we'll keep in touch
    And still be friends, okay?
    I promise.


    Signing out.

    Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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