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You want random, I give you random 10:07 PM

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10 Randoms


Itchy_by_EchoRukia My wound on my leg is itchy. But i can’t scratch it. I wonder why isit people’s reaction to itchiness is always scratching. U see it everyday.. all the time. “Ah it’s so itchy!” *scratches*. One  thing about scratching an itchy part of ur body.. like ur eyes. You’ll make it worse. And people do use “itchy” as a figurative word to imply something else. “Heart feels itchy”... are you gonna scratch it? Well if you do, you’re making it worse. You’re gonna hurt yourself. So what are we supposed to do if some part of our body gets so itchy. Don’t scratch! Leave it. or Find out what’s the reason and treat it.









You know that feeling? Pei Shen had a really tempting description about it. “When the weather is so cold out there, man and when you get urself  a nice bowl of hot Miso soup. It’s like ur in heaven!”Winter__s_Warmth_by_Bubble_bum =D That kinda warmth. Not too cold. Not too hot. We should learn from Warmth. You get it when you hug somebody. And that’s like the best gift from that person. *hugs* i hope for this christmas, everyone feels the warmth.









images (1)The word “Hyperlink” its right there in front of me... at that toolbar. i guess most of you knows what’s  the function of that Hyperlink button right? It lets you put in URL links so that when people click that word/picture or wadeva.. it brings them to somewhere else. Its like a teleportation in the Cyberworld.


Too bad it doesnt happen in the real world. But i’ve seen some people who likes to use this tool, when they’re talking. They use words like “Fine”but let’s say if you really do get to click on that word. You’ll realise that what that person’s trying to say is “Wtf man!”I  guess most people have known that already. This is an easy word. What about the others? What a sentence? Who knows where can it be hyperlinked to.









imagesThe brand Converse? Haha yea i love my pair of Converse sneakers. Fashionably convenient. Comfortable. You can rely on it to run. Unlike killer heels. They may look pretty but hey... they’re really bad for your backbone. You don’t get support from them when you need them. Converse sneakers used to be the old basketball shoes. Now its just fashion. 


Real meaning of “converse”? Haha two or more people talking to each other which makes up a conversation. Conversations are very important. They are very very memorable. But they can just vanish in ur minds somehow. That’s why complication starts when theres no conversation. So people, start conversing or you’ll regeret.









Bottle_sketch_coca-colaheee.. A common container. Commonly used to contain fluids. i have a bottle of Cactus water in front of me. And it contains the liquid that keeps me hydrated all the time. Can you imagine the world without bottles? I’d probably be drnking from a box right now. I love the original Coca Cola bottle. Classic!

And do you know when they say “Bottling up your feelings aint good”Well it’s true. It’s as if you have a bottle of anger, or a bottle of disappontment.. Well if you experience that, you can always pour everything out, let it go. Or drink everything in, acceot it. Never keep it there. The bottle will never be big enough to hold everything. It’s just a bottle. Btw, i used to collect bottle caps. =] I still keep them. They are pretty.










Pillow Soft and comfy! =] I like Roald Dahl’s Marshmallow Pillows =D Can you sleep without any pillows. I know some people can. I can too. When i can’t sleep at night, i usually do it without pillows. And it works. My mum’s pillows smell like lavenders, its said that it can induce good sleep. Haha it din work for me, seriously i can’t stand the smell yo. I like it when they give you pillows on the plane.


And i tink the best gift for a person who’s gonna board a plane and say goodbye to you, is a pillow. This little soft thing brinigs comfort. Comforting that person on the plane, not to be too sad about leaving =] just my opinion. haha pillow fights aint that comfortable tho xD







myy_skate_by_rollingphotographer I cannot live without rollerblades. I say when Im wearing them and rollerblading around, dam i feel so free. I can feel the wind, the speed, the lightness eventho the blades are heavy. Addictive i know. Ming, we have to do it again next time =] Feel it! People told me iceskating is almost the same as rollerblading. I have yet to try that out.

Have oways loved rollerblading since young. And i hope many people get to enjoy it too. It may not be the best thing ever, but it’s sure worth trying. After a couple of falls of course. And HAHA it was the first time i see someone laughing so hard after falling down. xD








Starry_night_by_Gavners_avenger=D shiny stuff. See them in the sky? I know its so common and cliche, but I like watching the stars.  They calm me down. =] WE CAN RULE THE WORLD! hahaha... so unreachable, so mysterious. The sky get so empty without them. Oh and my sis’s friend, Desmond said this “omg, so many stars! It looks like the sky has skin disease!” Hmph. How negative. I wanna go to a quiet place  and just watch the stars, anyone wanna join me? Peace with the stars! 

Cause all of the stars have faded away. Just try not to worry , you’ll see them someday”









music_by_devianterika What makes the world goes round.  Some people rely on it, relate their feelings to it, enjoy it, hate it, comment on it, critisize it, appreciate it, love it, talk about it and etc. Yes, if you do not know what to talk about when making friends. One of the easiest topic is always about music. When you’re sad, music can calm you down or maybe make you sadder. And just with a simple beat or rhythm, music’s there. It’s somehow like an energy. It cannot be created or destroyed. =]









Coin_by_Anti_Pati_ya Just a coin. Made out of Cupronickel. Put it in ur hands. Can feel the whole network? “What network?”u might ask. Just a single coin, let’s say the 50 cent coin. So many people have passed this around. So many people have used it. So many people have touched it. Think of all the possibilities. It cud be anyone. A salesman. A mother. A butcher. I find it really unique, somehow. A piece of small metal. Travelled all around the world, maybe not the world, the country. And have you ever stopped to think, “Why me?” “Why is this coin passed on to me but not anyone else?” “Why can’t it be another coin? which says 1999?”Fate =] I do believe in fate. I like to believe in that. And who knows who’s the next person who’s gonna join this network for this coin. =]








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