Thursday, April 3, 2008
2K8 is a not a very good year. 9:14 PM

=\ happy dat its finally weekend again! x]


Okay..... Let's see how "awesome" my week was...

Monday - Chern Li and I got sent to office for not knowing that we hafta pass up DW, well not our fault cos we went to the Taming Tiger thing while Sheela assigned the work. grr... Oh well, at least i discovered dat my suspiscion on sumting was proven rite. =]

Tuesday - No games, quite cool as i've mentioned in previous post xD

Wednesday - Dino day!! I did a presentation on Dinosaurs for English Oral, =] and guess wad i did on Dinosaurs for Bm oral too.... lol i even brought dinosaur figures to show the class, hope i can earn more marks from it. rawr!

Thursday - Kelam kabut, noe y? Gobi announced that runners from 4x100 and Medley can only take 4x100 or Medley. "Great" idea huh... kinda late, so all houses were running around looking for extra runners. lol Running for Runners.... [okok i gotta filter wad im saying]

Friday - A really erm, kinda sad and happy but still saddening day... i dun like seeing people breaking down. Cos i feel helpless but i noe most ppl cant resist it when they are overly sad, they are not like me.... im cold.

But i wud like to dedicate this part of the post to the poeple who cried, got disappointed, hurt, faced failure, felt sad or even depressed.

It's okay... you're not the only one.

Losing in a competition can be disappointing, i noe, especially when u plan to win it or u noe u cud have, or sumtimes ur an inch away from winning.

When you lose u feel the agony of defeat, unsatisfaction with urself, disturbed by that moment, u feel like going back in time to get another chance, to make it happen for u, to win it.

With these, u feel helpless...

And when you're helpless, u get emotional...

When you get emotional... u wana cry...

But sumtimes, u're afraid to face dat u wana cry, u duwana show it.... so u resist it...

But when someone hugs you, pats ur back, and tell u dat its ok...

Tears start to roll, u break down, and finally cry.

=] its really okay to cry.... But after dat, u gotta rmb to forgive urself, and get over it.

U have 2 choices.

1 to never get over what failure or mistake u've done, and blame urself for everything, going on to depression, followed by a lost of interest in life. You wont have ur hyper moments anymore, you wont have the chance to smile, you wont have the feeling of satisfaction or being proud of urself, u wont be happy about anything eventhough u never show it most of the time. .

But deep down inside, u feel the pain and all d things u've done rong, all the failures u've been thru keep replaying in ur head like a spoiled tape


2 get over it. Laugh it off and really mean it. Notice where ur mistakes are and set a new goal. Take it as a challenge n swear to urself to beat it. Beat it hard! Never put such high hopes but only high aims. Strive to be better in the things u like to do =] after all a bit of hardwork wont hurt cos u like it. Sometimes, things get really disappointing. Well, just try and forget i noe its hard.

So cheer up, people! Dont let little things get into your way.

After all, its not dat u have failed at life.

But u will, if u cant get over it.

"Innocence is brilliant" -Avril Lavigne


Ah.... since today's such an emo-ish day... Here are some nice and emo on them to download if u want

well, sidetracking from the emo day....

GUESS WAD??!! The Best Damn Thing video will be premiered tmr!! TOMORROW!!!! but guess wad again! It leaked! WAHAHAHAAHAHAHA FINALLY!!!!

The Best Damn Thing drum!!

Watch it here! and now!!! =D

The Best Damn Thing - Avril Lavigne

Its AWESOME!!! She look so cool in dat black hoodie, with her band!!! She shook her butt lol! She played the drums! Well i just dun like the pink hair part, but thank god it was only for a few times! and the main part of her perofrming was really awesome!! love it love it love it! Shes wearing Abbey Dawn shirt! She rocks the video with pink and black! woohooo... im so glad it was alrite... lol altho d cheerleading was abit stupid xD


yay dikshas getting a capo too! kerrine n i got one ady!

We can form our Guitar Club !! xD

and play guitar all day long....



"Why choose homemade ice-cream? Cos u wont have to wait for another... 2 months to get 31% off from Baskin Robbins." - Emelia


Signing out...

Welcome to my blog. I can't believe i got convinced to get a blog. Oh well, hope you like it. Leave a comment before you go =]

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